‘Counting On’ Fans Express Sorrow Over Season Finale Honoring The Life Of Mary Duggar

Fans of TLC’s Counting On reacted with deep sorrow to the two-hour Season 10 finale where the Duggar clan honored the life of Mary Duggar, the mother of Jim Bob Duggar, who died this past June at the age of 78.

The episode showed the family grieving their loss as they said goodbye to Grandma Duggar. The aftermath of the tragedy showed just how much of a toll the shocking loss took on the family. They openly wept at a celebration of life event held at the church where the clan worships and at a subsequent burial for their lost loved one.

Eldest daughter Jana Duggar shared a clip of the Season 10 ender to her Instagram account, saying in the accompanying caption that the episode would air on December 17. It was there that fans added their own sentiments of sorrow and support for the family in the comments section.

“Thank you for sharing this private time with us. Carrying your family on wings of prayer,” said one follower of the family.

“Grandma Duggar was a sweet soul and although I know she is in heaven, it is still sad to realize she is gone. God bless you,” said a second viewer.

“I just watched the episode online and I couldn’t stop crying! God bless this family!” remarked a third to the below video posted on Instagram.

Mary reportedly died after falling into a pool on her property and drowning. She had suffered a stroke a few months prior, and her family believes that she suffered another one before accidentally falling into the water.

In the episode, her son discussed what he thinks happened on that fateful day. Jim Bob believes the tragedy occurred shortly after Mary returned home after attending church with his oldest daughter, Jana, who had spent the morning with her grandmother before dropping her off and heading home.

Mary was featured in episodes of the family’s prior TLC show, 19 Kids and Counting, and its subsequent spinoff series, Counting On, for the past 10 seasons. Her steadfast faith and cheery words made her a viewer favorite.

Jim Bob’s wife, Michelle Duggar, was reportedly close to her mother-in-law, who lived with the clan for many years until she moved into her own home.

“Mary stepped in and she was there for me,” Michelle said during the episode, as reported by Daily Mail. ”I miss her so much. She was such a part of my life every day just being there for us, just hearing her voice walking in the door…there’s a big hole in our life, our family. My heart aches because I miss her.”

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