December 17, 2019
'Teen Mom 2' Star Kailyn Lowry Speaks Out After Fans Slam Her For Getting Puppy With Cropped Ears

Recently, Kailyn Lowry surprised fans with news that she got a new puppy. She shared the picture of the two of them together on Instagram and, immediately, fans chimed in, slamming the Teen Mom 2 star for getting another puppy with cropped ears.

"Look at those freshly cropped ears. That poor baby. But you like the look, right? Doesn't matter that it hurt him, right?" one fan wrote, according to a report from Intouch Weekly.

Rather than ignore the comments, however, Kailyn fired back.

"Do you have a son? Did you have him circumcised?"

According to the report, a back and forth ensued with many fans sharing their thoughts on the dog's ears as well as Kailyn's response. She explained that circumcision is done for cosmetic purposes and that she "doesn't judge" people on what they choose to do when it comes to circumcision.

Following the report, Kailyn spoke out to Intouch Weekly in a different article and explained that she doesn't focus on a dog's ears when picking out a puppy.

"It's not something that's a make or break for me when looking for a new dog. Both of my dogs' ears were already cropped before I got them because it's breed standard," Kailyn explained, talking about her new Cane Corso puppy as well as the Cane Corso puppy, Karma, who she welcomed into her family earlier this year.

"I'm not going to refuse a puppy a home just because their ears are cropped and some people don't believe in it," she continued.

Kailyn doesn't seem bothered by fans' opinions on her dogs and she seems happy with her two puppies. In fact, she seems to realize that fans are going to comment their opinions on her photos no matter what. On Monday, she shared a photo of Karma to Instagram. In the caption, she acknowledged that her fans were going to end up "fighting" in the comments.

The photo has been liked by over 96,000 of Kailyn's more than three million followers and there were plenty of comments from her fans as well. However, it didn't appear that Kailyn engaged with any of the comments this time around.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the reality star made the announcement of the new addition to her family via Instagram. She surprised her fans and announced her new puppy was a boy. She snuggled up with the puppy in the photos and she seemed happy to be welcoming another dog into her family.