Legendary Composer Ennio Morricone Doesn’t Hate Quentin Tarantino After All

Quentin Tarantino Ennio Morricone

A reported feud between Ennio Morricone and Quentin Tarantino, who worked together on the Oscar winning Django Unchained, Inglorious Basterds, and Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2, has been dismissed by the legendary composer.

Morricone revealed that his brutal quotes about never wanting to work with the director again, were taken out of context.

The 84-year-old, who has amassed five Oscar nominations throughout his career and made his name as the composer for legendary Spaghetti Westerns such as The Good, The Bad And The Ugly, reportedly hurled abuse at Tarantino during a talk at a Rome University last week.

Morricone is rumored to have said, “I wouldn’t like to work with him again, on anything. He said last year he wanted to work with me again ever since Inglorious Basterds, but I told him I couldn’t, because he didn’t give me enough time. So he just used a song I had written previously.”

The Italian musician then even criticised the director’s style. Morricone stated, “he places music in films without coherence,” before saying that it is impossible to work with him. He even revealed that he didn’t like Django Unchained too, saying, “To tell the truth, I didn’t care for it. Too much blood.”

However, Morricone has now looked to distance himself from these words, even going as far as to send a statement to Entertainment Weekly that he hopes will clarify his thoughts.

“What I read about by statements on Quentin Tarantino is a partial writing of my thoughts which has deprived the true meaning of what I said, isolating a part from the rest,” noted Morricone.

“In this way my statement sounds shocking, penalizing me, and bothering me a lot,” added the composer.

He then went on to proclaim his respect for Tarantino, and stated that he his glad that his music has been chosen by the American filmmaker.

Morricone then labelled Inglorious Basterds a masterpiece before concluding, “Regarding Django, the thing is that I cannot see too much blood in a movie due to my character.”

He then added that it didn’t effect his respect for Tarantino though, “which remains great.”