'General Hospital' Fans Are Hoping For A Christmas Miracle For Sam & Jason

Sam McCall has been sentenced to two years in prison for killing Shiloh and many General Hospital fans are more than a little annoyed by that. It seems that ever since Jason made his way back to Port Charles, there has been nothing but trouble for the couple. Right after they reunited, Shiloh Archer came along and Sam became obsessed about taking him down after what he did to Kristina and the other women. Now she is sitting in Pentonville away from her family, but JaSam fans are hopeful that a miracle will happen just in time for Christmas.

Jason has been running around Port Charles seeking a way to get Sam out. While Sam and Jason are not in too many of the spoilers for the next week, that doesn't mean that they won't be seen. It may also mean that there could be a surprise coming up that the soap doesn't want to be spoiled for the holiday. There is a General Hospital spoiler from SheKnows Soaps that teases that Danny visits with Santa, but that doesn't seem to happen on air until the day after Christmas. There is no indication if Jason is the one who takes him or someone else is with them.

JaSam fans were disappointed when Sam was sent back to Pentonville for two years. Of course, it is highly unlikely that she will stay there that long. Fans are hoping that something will happen to get her out to spend time at home for the holidays with Jason, Danny, and Scout.

"I don't care about a Franco miracle. Where are Jason and the kids hoping for a miracle and Sam coming home?" one person said on social media.

"Wait, Harmony gets early parole but Sam is still rotting in jail?" another person questioned.

It was a surprise that Harmony was let out of prison. She mentioned that she was let go because of the overcrowding situation. Laura also mentioned that earlier in the week when she wanted to talk to Peter about it. There was a reason that topic came about right now. It was the ticket for Harmony to make her way out of Pentonville. That seems like a strong hint that Sam could very well be let go as well.

A few days ago, Sam felt like she had no hope of being released, despite having a parole hearing coming up soon. Jason is frantically doing what he can. He even approached Anna about Peter's role in having Sam imprisoned. He is hoping that Anna can help.

It seems that there could possibly be more than one Christmas miracle on General Hospital soon. Fans are praying not only for a Friz reunion, but also that Sam will not have to spend Christmas in prison.