Conservative Anchor Blasts Congressional Republicans: ‘They Rubber-Stamped This President’s Corruption’

President Donald Trump speaks to members of the media in the Oval Office of the White House.
Alex Wong / Getty Images

During the latest edition of CNN’s Unfiltered broadcast on Saturday, anchor S.E. Cupp blasted Republicans in the United States Congress for defending President Donald Trump, reports Mediaite.

Cupp began her monologue by slamming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Chairman of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary Lindsey Graham.

“Mitch McConnell doesn’t just want to get impeachment over with to protect Trump, he desperately wants to protect Senate Republicans too,” she said, arguing that McConnell and Graham are looking to go through the Senate trial as quickly as possible in order to protect the president and other Republican senators from scrutiny.

“No amount of parlor tricks or procedural wizardry will save Republicans from the long lens of history,” Cupp continued, opining that it is clear Trump “abused his office for his own political and personal gain.”

According to the anchor, it is “clear as day” that Trump committed multiple impeachable offenses, “and it will only get clearer when the fog of impeachment and election politics lifts.”

The anchor concluded that Republicans will not be able to save themselves from public scrutiny, suggesting that their inaction in the face of Trump’s wrongdoings is setting a dangerous precedent and effectively enabling future presidents to violate the Constitution with impunity.

Republicans, Cupp said, “rubber-stamped this president’s corruption and self-interests, and opened the door for future presidents to do worse.”

A conservative Republican, Cupp is an outspoken critic of Trump and the Republican Party and maintains that the president is guilty of impeachable offenses.

She has also used her platform to criticize Trump’s allies in conservative media, recently attacking Fox News hosts Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, and radio host Rush Limbaugh, for mocking and belittling impeachment witness and former United States Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch.

Congressional Republicans have indeed stood by Trump, defending the president against Democratic accusations in one voice. That may change, however, according to GOP operative Douglas MacKinnon, who wrote in a column published on Saturday that vulnerable Republicans may be setting a trap for Trump.

MacKinnon warned the White House against underestimating the dangers of a Senate trial, alleging that certain Republican senators have privately signaled willingness to vote to convict the president. In order for the commander-in-chief to be convicted, 20 Republican lawmakers would have to agree with the 47 Democratic senators.

According to Democrats in the House of Representatives, Trump committed impeachable offenses when he allegedly pressured the Ukrainian government to launch investigations into his political rivals, former Vice President Joe Biden among others.