Kate Upton Prom Invite Video Goes Viral

Kate Upton Prom Invite

Kate Upton has a big decision to make about the prom.

The 20-year-old supermodel has a standing invite from high school senior Jake Davidson, and Jake picked a bold and hilarious way to ask her out.

The student put together a nearly two-minute video of himself lounging poolside, reading a copy of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, which happens to have Kate Upton on the cover.

“Hey Kate, Jake Davidson here in sunny Los Angeles, inviting you to my senior prom on May 23rd, 2013,” the senior asked Upton.

In case the internationally known swimsuit model might be wavering on a prom invite from a teenage stranger, Jake gives her some reasons to come along.

“You’re the ying to my yang, I’m Jewish, 5’9” on a really good day — and I can’t dance at all,” said the bluntly honest Jake, “You’re Christian, 5’10”, and that Cat Daddy video should have won an Oscar for best short film — you could say this is destiny.”

Jake then makes the prom invite even more irresistible, cutting away to show him in the shower, shaving with a women’s razor, and doing push-ups.

Jake goes on to tell Kate that he doesn’t have a girlfriend, and encourages her to take a chance on him.

“Kate, great moments are born from great opportunity, and that’s what you have here today a chance to make a nice guy’s senior year, the best ever,” he tells her. “We can ride around all night long — until 11, that’s my curfew.”

At the end of the video, Jake gets down on one knee and asks Kate Upton to the prom.

Jake is likely trying to channel the success of some other people who used YouTube to snag celebrity dates. Back in 2011, a pair of Marines separately used videos to ask Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake to the Marine Corps ball, and Mila actually canceled another date so she could go.

There is no word yet on whether Kate Upton will go to the prom or not.

[Update: It looks like she said yes!]