Leah Messer’s Pregnant Sister Victoria Messer Fires Back After Criticism Following ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion

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On the most recent Teen Mom 2 reunion special, Leah Messer sat down with her pregnant sister, Victoria Messer, to talk about her pregnancy, as well as her relationship with the baby’s father. Now, Victoria is taking to her Instagram account to defend herself after the airing of the reunion.

As it turns out, Victoria came under criticism after the reunion special aired. According to a report from The Hollywood Gossip, Victoria revealed that the man she met in Costa Rica, who is named Royer, has two other children with two different women. This is Victoria’s third pregnancy — and she already has two children with two different men. As can be imagined, fans had a lot to say following the reunion special. However, Victoria took to Instagram to clap back at all the negative comments and to explain her situation more in-depth.

Sharing an ultrasound photo of her baby, the soon to be mom-of-three first claimed that the “important parts” of the reunion special were “cut out.” She explained why the father of her baby had concerns about coming to the United States.

“The truth is Royer has fear of coming here because of all the racially motivated hatred in our country and the fact that racism is a problem here,” she explained.

She went on to reveal that she is “saddened” that she has to “defend” the situation, but said she wanted everyone to know the “truth.” She then explained that it has been difficult and that they are unable to do the things that “other expecting couples” do during a pregnancy.

“We would love to experience things with the pregnancy and the birth of our son together. We hurt through this process,” she wrote.

Victoria explained that she understood the pregnancy could have been prevented, but that she and Royer were “thankful to have found one another in such a unique way.”

The post had over 4,000 likes from Victoria’s followers and plenty of comments, including one from Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry.

“I got the chills reading this. I do not blame him ONE BIT for being afraid. That is so sad. I wish y’all the best,” Kailyn wrote. Leah also commented on her sister’s post, though she commented only with emojis.

Some users were also positive in their comments, as they let Victoria know that as long as she was happy, that was what was important.

It turns out that Victoria isn’t the only one who met someone in Costa Rica. Leah also met someone while on vacation and has gone back to visit him, but she insisted she isn’t dating anyone.