WWE News: Female Superstar Calls Out CM Punk For Making ‘Misogynistic’ Comments On Twitter

CM Punk looks on as he prepares to enter the ring on WWE's Monday Night Raw.

CM Punk’s booking suggestion for the “love triangle” storyline involving Rusev, Lana, and Bobby Lashley didn’t seem to go down well for one of the participants in the polarizing angle. Shortly after Punk made the suggestion on this week’s episode of WWE Backstage, Lana took to Twitter to accuse the former WWE Champion of dropping comments on social media that she felt were “misogynistic” in nature.

As recalled by WrestlingNews.co, Punk’s appearance on Tuesday’s edition of Backstage saw the now-retired wrestler offer some advice on how WWE should proceed with the love triangle storyline on Monday Night Raw, which most recently featured Rusev and Lana finalizing their onscreen divorce. He suggested that Rusev and Lashley should join forces and become a tag team, upon which they would kick off a rivalry with another duo managed by Lana. Both teams, he added, would then face off in a WrestleMania 36 match where the losing pair would be managed by the “Ravishing Russian” — as further explained, this would be because everyone involved in the match would be “sick” of her at that point.

Shortly after discussing the booking suggestion on WWE Backstage, Punk took to Twitter, where he notably referred to Lana as “chica.” While WrestlingNews.co noted that the term is typically not meant to be offensive, as it is simply a Spanish word for “young woman,” the publication shared Lana’s reply to the post, where she blasted Punk for his use of the word.

“I know you’ve been away from @WWE for several years. Perhaps moving forward, you will favor and @FS1 by refraining from misogynistic comments like ‘chica.’ Thank you.

Now we want to see @CMPunk's entire plan for @LanaWWE & @RusevBUL happen. #WWEBackstage pic.twitter.com/xHs6g7CNHI

— WWE on FOX (@WWEonFOX) December 11, 2019

As of this writing, Punk has yet to respond to Lana’s accusations. However, it’s possible that the 34-year-old valet was tweeting in character and playing up her villainous role on television, much like other WWE superstars typically do when using their official social media accounts.

Although Punk — being under contract with Fox and not with WWE — mainly offered his “fantasy booking” suggestion as an analyst, his recommendations somewhat line up with what previous reports hinted regarding the timeline of the Rusev/Lana/Lashley angle. As noted earlier this month by WrestlingNews.co, WWE owner Vince McMahon is apparently a huge fan of the Monday Night Raw love triangle. And while the storyline has reportedly been unpopular with many fans, rumors suggest that the company’s creative team will keep it going past this week’s TLC pay-per-view, or until “people stop caring,” as an insider told the outlet.