Spoilers For ‘The Young And The Restless’: Elena Suspects Amanda

Brytni Sarpy and Mishael Morgan celebrate The Young and the Restless.
Francis Specker /Trae Patton / CBS

New The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that Elena suspects Amanda had more to do with Colin scamming Devon out of Katherine Chancellor’s money than she’d like everyone to believe.

All Elena (Brytni Sarpy) really wants to do is enjoy her new relationship with Devon (Bryton James). They struggled in the beginning because Devon kept seeing his late wife, Hilary (Mishael Morgan). However, he finally moved past that. Still, Colin (Tristan Rogers) and his scam brought Hilary look-a-like Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan) into their midst, and it’s not that surprising to anybody that Amanda looking so much like his late wife is difficult for Devon.

Elena actress Britni Sarpy recently discussed the twisted storyline with CBS Soaps In Depth, and she gave some insight into how her on-screen alter ego is feeling right now.

“Elena is recognizing that seeing Amanda’s face is a big trigger for Devon,” Sarpy admitted.

“She thinks the bigger the investment he has in Amanda, the more he is derailed mentally. So, for the sake of his mental stability, Elena really doesn’t want this woman to be in their surroundings, and she doesn’t understand why she is still ion town since her quote-unquote business has wrapped up!’

Although Amanda swears that she had nothing to do with Colin’s con and that she’s a victim too, Elena isn’t so sure. She doesn’t quite believe everything Amanda says because there is something that simply doesn’t add up about the lawyer whose past is such a shadow.

“We are essentially dealing with Hilary again,” noted Sarpy.

“I think in Elena’s head, she sees Amanda and Hilary as almost the same person, and she is causing her boyfriend pain!”

If Elena is struggling to separate Amanda and Hilary in her mind, Devon must be too, especially since he lost Hilary so tragically. Elena does not want Devon focusing on Amanda, but that might be impossible for Devon, especially after Victor (Eric Braeden) shares some information about the lawyer with Devon that proves she has an incredibly murky past. Devon wants to know the truth. Yes, he’s upset that he has lost Katherine’s fortune for the time being, but Devon certainly has enough money to continue living life as he’s lived it recently. However, there’s another part of him who wants to find out Elena’s connection to Hilary because the two women looking so much alike is too shocking to be a mere coincidence. Unfortunately for Devon and Elena, they will struggle as he falls further down the rabbit hole, looking into Amanda’s past.