Cardi B Rocks A Latex Bodysuit With The Colors Of The African Flag For Her Performance In Ghana

Cardi B recently shared her performance look for the Livespot X Festival in Ghana.

The rapper has been in both Ghana and Nigeria to participate in the two-day festival. For her second performance, which took place on Sunday, Cardi showed that she was enamored with the continent. The "Money" rapper posted a photo on her Instagram page of herself wearing a latex bodysuit with red, yellow and green stripes. The colors symbolize the African flag, which was Cardi's way of paying homage to the two countries that asked her to perform for them. The bodysuit has one sleeve on Cardi's left arm, which is attached to the suit. Cardi also has on a black glove on her right hand, which stops at the middle of her arm.

Cardi continued with the African theme throughout her entire outfit. The "Clout" rapper is wearing beige tights in the photo, which shows off her plump thighs. On her right foot, Cardi is wearing a leather boot that comes up all the way to her thigh. The boot is also covered in yellow, red and green stripes, and has a black star on the top of it. The boot also has a clear, square heel, which Cardi shows off in the photo. Her other boot appears to be an ankle boot, and also has a heel on the bottom of the shoe.

Cardi didn't stop celebrating the continent with her curve-hugging ensemble. The Hustlers actress also decided to have a festive hairstyle to pair with her stunning look. The rapper opted to wear a long bob for her performance, which was bumped at the ends. The hair also has red, yellow and green streaks at the front of Cardi's head. Cardi also decided to go with a dazzling makeup look, which consists of foundation, highlighter, light eyeshadow, faux eyelashes and lip gloss.

At the time of writing, the steamy photo of Cardi received more than 1 million likes from her fans. The post also received more than 15,000 comments.

"Oh yes Cardi!!! Come through sis!!" one fan exclaimed.

"Wish I was there," another fan chimed in.

"OHHHH THIS IS EVERYTHING," one follower wrote.

"Icon," another fan shared.

The two Livepost festivals were Cardi's first performances in Africa since her career blew up in 2017. Since she arriving, the Grammy winner has used her platform to share the scenery and beauty of both Lagos, Nigeria and Accra, Ghana.