William H. Macy Rocks Black Starry Leggings & Fishnet Crop Top In Steve Howey's Instagram Snap

Trisha Faulkner

William H. Macy was looking fierce in a snapshot shared by his co-star Steve Howey on Instagram less than 12 hours ago.

The photo featured Macy rocking a short-sleeved fishnet black crop top with black leggings that were adorned in large bronze-colored stars. Macy also had a large gold wrestling style belt wrapped around his waist that was decorated with an excessive amount of bling.

Macy added a pop of color to the outfit with a lengthy red headband wrapped around his forehead just above his eyebrows that flowed down his torso.

The actor held a Fiji water bottle in one hand with the cap to the bottle grasped in the fingertips of his other hand. In the caption of the fun snapshot, Howey referred to Macy as a legend.

As The Inquisitr has previously reported, Macy was the director of tonight's episode of Shameless. This particular Instagram post was Howey's way of paying tribute to Macy while calling attention to his role as the director.

While Season 10 of Shameless has had little to do with wrestling so far, the promotion of the new seasons did have a very thick wrestling theme. Even though the color of his clothing is different in this snap, the outfit is nearly identical to what Macy wore during the "another round" promo photoshoot.

"Exactly what I think of when I saw this picture: LEGEND." One follower exclaimed.

"I may have to steal this pic..... make it poster sized for my living room. Legend indeed." A second chimed in.

A third added, "Yea he is! One of the most underrated actors without a doubt!"

"Tonight episode was legendary. Good job Macy," a fourth penned as they commended the actor on a job well done.

Frank does appear in the episode he directs.

While Frank doesn't have a major role in tonight's episode because he's the director, he does have a few scenes. As previously recapped, Frank does come clean about tricking his son into getting his girlfriend pregnant because he wasn't able to do it himself.

The newest episode of Shameless Season 10 is currently available for streaming via Showtime.