WWE News: Jim Ross Reveals Truth About The Undertaker’s Thoughts On CM Punk

CM Punk locks The Undertaker in a submission hold

Recent rumors have suggested that The Undertaker didn’t get along with CM Punk during the early stages of the “Straight Edge Superstar’s” WWE career, but according to Jim Ross, that wasn’t the case at all.

As quoted by SEScoops, the Hall of Famer spoke about the backstage opinion of Punk on the latest edition of his Grillin’ JR podcast. According to Ross, “The Phenom” never complained about Punk, while also revealing that the controversial superstar had the respect of his peers.

However, Ross did go on to say that the company’s management never warmed up to Punk because he wasn’t a typical superstar.

“He was not an a**-kisser and because that was so contrary to the normal behavior of a top guy in any wrestling territory that I’ve ever been in, any of them, he was just a different breed of cat and folks did not know how to deal with him, simple as that.”

Ross was responding to comments previously made by Bruce Prichard on his Something to Wrestle With podcast. According to Prichard, the Undertaker took a disliking to Punk because he felt disrespected by the superstar after offering him some advice in regard to his ring attire.

The Undertaker worked a critically acclaimed WrestleMania program with Punk in 2013, so “The Phenom” must have had some respect for the superstar. The Undertaker wields a lot of influence backstage, and his WrestleMania matches are always against opponents whom he deems worthy of a main event spotlight.

As The Inquisitr previously noted, one superstar — and management member — who had a problem with CM Punk was Triple H. “The Game” apparently thought that Punk didn’t have an impressive physical look, and believed that his backside was “too big.”

Punk has also been vocal about the bad relationship he and Triple H had throughout the years. Per Wrestling Inc, Punk appeared on Colt Cabana’s The Art of Wrestling podcast in 2014 and opened up about his experiences working with the WWE executive. Punk said that “The Game” never liked him, and always looked at him sideways whenever they were in the same room as each other.

Regardless of their past relationship, Triple H has revealed that the door is always open to a Punk WWE return. Punk recently joined WWE Backstage as a pundit, which has led many fans to believe that he’ll return to the ring in the near future. However, Punk doesn’t appear to be interested in lacing up his boots again.