‘General Hospital’ Reveals Brad’s Status After Car Accident, Actor Parry Shen Jokes About Julian Being ‘Rude’

Parry Shen portrays Brad on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjoding / ABC

General Hospital fans had been left hanging for the past few days after Brad Cooper and Lucas Jones were arguing in the car and got into an accident. As Wednesday’s show began, some updates on both Lucas and Brad’s conditions were revealed.

Rumors had teased that someone would die in this accident, and Kendra Lennon was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. However, General Hospital viewers were not necessarily convinced everybody else involved would survive.

In fact, actor Parry Shen (Brad) had suggested via his Facebook account that his character would die in this accident. Many fans perceived that Parry was actually joking, while plenty of other General Hospital fans expressed dismay over his supposed exit.

As Wednesday’s episode began, Julian paid a visit to an unconscious Brad. Lucas was rushed to surgery with more serious injuries, his side of the car having sustained most of the damage as it broadsided Kendra’s car.

Julian, of course, was not happy to see how things played out in this accident. He sabotaged Brad’s car in hopes of killing him. Instead, Brad has survived and Lucas’ fate remains unknown.

Throughout the first half of Wednesday’s episode, Brad had not yet opened his eyes. However, viewers saw that there was some unspoken reflection on his part to the moment he revealed the truth to Brad about Wiley really being Jonah right before the accident.

Later, as Willow waited by his bedside, Brad did wake up. She and Chase explained that he had a concussion and bruised ribs, and they let him know that Lucas was in the ICU.

Bobbie and Julian were told that Lucas sustained serious head injuries and was in a medically-induced coma. If Lucas does survive, will he remember what Brad told him about their “son”?

Brad is alive and not seriously injured, but that doesn’t mean that Julian won’t take another stab at getting rid of him. In fact, given Lucas’ condition of being critical but stable, Julian may well lash out and try to do something more to his son-in-law.

Right now, General Hospital spoilers available via SheKnows Soaps do not detail anything more about Brad and Lucas’ fate. It sounds as if both men will likely stay at GH for the moment, as Michael is going to step up and perhaps care for Wiley for now.


Is Brad fully out of the woods? General Hospital fans who follow Parry on social media know that he’s a big joker, and he’s probably not going to confirm or deny any rumors about his character’s fate in a serious way.

In fact, after Tuesday’s show, Parry shared a clip from the episode on his Instagram page. It showed Julian talking to Chase and being rather uncaring about his son-in-law. Parry joked about Julian being “incredibly rude,” a quip that got a lot of his followers responding with laughing emoji.

General Hospital fans will have to stay tuned to see what comes next for everybody involved. Viewers are quite anxious to see Michael learn the truth about Jonah, but it’s too soon to know whether this accident will finally be the catalyst to that finally happening.