‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kailyn Lowry Reveals Two Of Her Exes ‘Hate Each Other’ And Talks Jo Rivera Hawaii Drama

Nicholas HuntGetty Images

On Tuesday night, Part 1 of the Teen Mom 2 reunion special aired on MTV and there was plenty of drama. When Kailyn Lowry took the stage, she opened up about all three of her exes, revealing which two almost fought and detailing the aftermath of the Hawaii drama she faced with her ex Jo Rivera.

According to a report from Too Fab, on the reunion special, Kailyn revealed that her ex-husband Javi Marroquin and ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez do not get along. In fact, the mom-of-three said the two men “hate each other.”

“Chris and Javi almost fought, they were this close to each other’s faces,” Kail revealed. She then explained that she, Chris, and Javi all attend therapy separately. Whether or not that will help them all get along, though, is yet to be seen.

Kailyn shares her second son, Lincoln, with Javi Marroquin and her third son, Lux, with Chris Lopez. Javi appeared on Teen Mom 2 while married to Kail and even after their divorce. However, this season neither he nor his girlfriend Lauren Comeau appeared on the show. Chris has always opted to stay off the show. Kail opened up about Javi not being on the show at the reunion as well.

“He doesn’t want to film because it gets him into trouble, but apparently he gets into trouble regardless. That ship has sailed, a long time ago,” Kailyn said.

Fans may recall that on the most recent season of the show, Kailyn chose to take her son on a trip to Hawaii during some of Jo’s parenting time. Even though she knew there could be consequences, she decided to take him on the trip anyway despite Jo not agreeing to it. He threatened to take her to court for her actions and Kail acknowledged that she could have faced jail time. However, she revealed that things didn’t get quite that far and even said that Jo apologized to her.

“At the end of the day, you have to think about what’s in the best interest for the child. If the child is saying, I wanna go with you to Hawaii and I don’t want to got to my dad’s for 8 hours,” Kail explained.

She revealed that despite threatening to take her to court, Jo didn’t pursue any legal action. Instead, he allegedly admitted that the communication between him and Kail wasn’t as good as it “could have been.” She said he even apologized to her and she admitted that she felt both her and Jo were “being petty.”