Leah Messer And Ex Jeremy Calvert Talk Corey Simms On ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion, Jeremy Says To ‘Make An Effort’

The first part of the reunion episode of Teen Mom 2 on Tuesday night was full of drama when Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert opened up about Leah’s first husband, Corey Simms, and his wife Miranda.

According to a report from Too Fab, Dr. Drew, who hosts the show, asked Jeremy whether or not he and Corey still get along. At one time, the men got along well, but on Tuesday night, Jeremy revealed that while they “get along,” Jeremy “doesn’t agree with a lot of s**t.” Dr. Drew asked for Jeremy to elaborate and, according to him, when it comes to Leah and Corey’s daughter Ali’s doctor’s appointments, Leah is the only one who goes to them.

“You still can make an effort to go,” Jeremy said about Corey not attending Ali’s appointments. Leah didn’t seem too concerned about whether or not Corey was at the appointments, but noted that their daughter, she believes, would like Corey to be at those appointments.

Leah and Corey’s daughter Ali suffers from a rare form of muscular dystrophy and, as a result, has to attend doctors’ appointments in Ohio. On the most recent season of the show, fans watched as Ali had the opportunity to attend MDA camp with other children who also have muscular dystrophy.

Dr. Drew asked Jeremy, who was married to Leah after she and Corey divorced, if he would confront Corey about his concerns. Jeremy said he would not because “it would not end well.”

He also talked about Corey’s wife, Miranda, who has been in the twins’ lives as their stepmom for years, saying, “[Miranda] wants zero to do with the twins, zero, and it’s obvious to anyone in the world.”


Leah, on the other hand, didn’t say too much about anything but did admit that she thinks, “there’s definitely something going on” in regards to Miranda. At one point, the co-parenting relationship between Corey and Leah seemed to be going great and Leah expressed having interest in everyone getting along one day again.

Corey and Miranda Simms have been married for six years and together share one daughter of their own.

The segment featuring Leah and Jeremy was certainly shocking, especially since Corey and his wife try to keep their lives quiet and separate from the show. In fact, most fans likely believed things were still fine between everyone, but it appears that is not the case.

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