Bryan Craig Teases Possible Return Of Morgan Corinthos To ‘General Hospital’ In Absolutely Brilliant Fashion

Bryan Craig has starred on 'General Hospital' and 'Grand Hotel'
Ed Herrera / ABC

General Hospital viewers frequently speculate about the possibility of seeing Morgan Corinthos return from the dead, and actor Bryan Craig has posted more than a few teases about that very thing via social media. Today, with a wild episode of the soap opera airing, Bryan tweeted out a teaser about Morgan — and fans won’t want to miss this one.

As General Hospital fans know, much of the drama this week is focused on Julian’s decision to tamper with the brakes on Brad’s car. Julian wanted to do away with Brad. However, his own son Lucas was behind the wheel with Brad in the passenger’s seat. The car crashed into the vehicle that Kendra Lennon was driving along a dark, wooded road, and it’s not known yet whether Brad and Lucas will survive.

In a teaser on Twitter about the accident, ABC Soaps in Depth asked who would emerge from the wreckage of the accident and Bryan couldn’t resist replying.

“Morgan Corinthos…..?” Bryan teased.

As Soap Central details, Morgan allegedly died in a car explosion just over three years ago. Ava had replaced his psychological medications with placebos, and Morgan stole Julian’s car in a moment of instability. Unfortunately, Julian’s evil sister Olivia had planted a bomb on the car and Morgan ended up “killed” in the eventual explosion rather than Julian.

While Morgan was presumed dead, his body was never found. This has left fans speculating that someday Morgan may reappear, much like the character of Nikolas Cassadine. Whether Bryan would be willing to reprise the role or they’d need to recast, isn’t known at this point.

Granted, Bryan’s tweet on Tuesday was pretty clearly tongue-in-cheek. Despite that, plenty of General Hospital fans replied with pleas for him to return to the show. For now, however, it looks like fans will just have to enjoy these occasional teases from the actor.

By the looks of soap Twitter today, Bryan wasn’t the only one who came up with a witty response to the original Twitter tease from ABC Soaps in Depth. Nancy Lee Grahn, who plays Alexis, couldn’t resist posting a joke about it as well.


Alexis was involved in the accident, but she was the lucky one who walked away relatively unscathed. Nancy joked about how everybody in Port Charles should start using Uber or riding bicycles due to the frequency of accidents like this latest one.

“Am I under that? That one road in PC is like the Bermuda Triangle,” joked Nancy.

While it’s highly unlikely that Morgan will suddenly show up in the woods as Jordan investigates, it’s not clear who will emerge alive. Kendra’s confirmed dead and Alexis is getting checked out while Lucas is in surgery and Brad’s status is hazy.

Will both Brad and Lucas survive the accident? Will Morgan ever be brought back from the dead? General Hospital fans are always speculating over the possibilities, and there are plenty of juicy options for the writers — if they so desired.