WWE News: Former Superstar Slams Company Over Treatment Of Wrestlers, Says Triple H Is ‘Full Of S**t’

Triple H cuts a promo

Last week, Ryback criticized WWE for not releasing unhappy talents from their contracts, while also sharing his thoughts on Triple H claiming that performers who have asked to be let go via social were unprofessional. However, the former WWE superstar has doubled down on the matter on the latest episode of his Conversations With the Big Guy podcast, and he let his true feelings about “The Game” be known.

During his statement about talent asking for their releases, Triple H revealed that he and other members of WWE management are always around to talk about their concerns and figure out a solution. According to Ryback, as quoted by 411Mania, this isn’t the case at all.

“I’ve seen Hunter avoid me! I needed to have a meeting with him, avoided me all f***ing day, overseas when I had to put over Kalisto on the WWE Championship in England. Vince wasn’t in the arena. I had to wait all god-d*** day. He wouldn’t f***ing take the — he did not want to have that meeting. And what he does, they lie to your f***ing face. And that’s why why talent go [on social media].”

Ryback went on to say that Triple H is “full of s**t.” He stated that “The Game” and McMahon don’t treat their superstars like human beings, and the lack of respect shown towards their employees has led to a toxic environment within the company.

Ryback believes that superstars have been asking for their releases on social media because it’s the only way to get management’s attention. Furthermore, he thinks that superstars who use this method are hoping that WWE sees their behavior as unprofessional and fires them as a result.


Ryback also weighed in on the Jordan Myles situation. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the former NXT star posted a video on Twitter accusing the company of racism and was subsequently let go.

However, Ryback believes that Myles’ approach was necessary for him to be released from his contract. Since WWE officials have shown that they’re unwilling to release unhappy performers at their request, the performers are forced to resort to extreme lengths in order to be granted their freedom.

In recent months, superstars such as Luke Harper, Mike Kanellis, and Sin Cara have asked for their releases only to have the company turn them down. The belief is that McMahon fears that they will join All Elite Wrestling and become bigger stars, so the company would rather pay them to sit at home.