Noah Cyrus Shares A 'Sober' Thanksgiving Family Gathering As Miley Cyrus & Cody Simpson Sat At The Kids Table

On Friday, Noah Cyrus shared this year's Thanksgiving celebration on Instagram for her 5.4 million followers. The black-and-white snap featured many of her family members. Among those who took their places at the main table behind plates of turkey and other yummy dishes were Noah's brother, Trace Cyrus, and across from him, the family matriarch, Tish Cyrus.

Model Lucas Machado, who was taking the picture, peered into the camera as he crouched next to Noah. She was wearing a light-colored beanie and a plaid shirt. Many of her tattoos were featured as she put her hand to her face and sucked in her cheeks for the shot.

Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson were seated at an adjoining table, which is traditionally where the kids of the family sit. The "Wrecking Ball" singer was placed opposite her current boyfriend as she rocked a striped sweater and a new haircut that had previously been styled like a mullet.

The hitmaker leaned onto her hand which was supported by an elbow she had placed on the table. The former Disney princess seemed reserved as she stared at the camera while Cody seemed a bit more animated than his girlfriend. The Australian musician and actor wore his blond hair slicked back and he rocked a dark, long-sleeved shirt during the festivities.

Water bottles appeared in front of nearly every guest, prompting 19-year-old Noah to report, via her caption, that their "sober" Thanksgiving was spent "getting hydrated." The "Lonely" singer also mentioned that she was grateful for being able to spend time with the other people who were sitting near her, whether at the main table -- which had been made out of raw planks of wood -- or at the kid's table, where her sister and her sister's beau were posing for the uplifting family photograph.

The room in which the Cyrus family and their guests enjoyed their Thanksgiving dinner featured a modern chandelier with super large bulbs and windows on two walls. One set of windows had the blinds open, while the other set of three had the blinds closed, all of which provided the most inviting lighting possible for their annual feast.

Nearly 36,000 fans and followers liked Noah's social media update, while more than 120 comments were added to the post within an hour of the photo going live.

"That's great and I wish you a nice weekend," stated one admirer, who added a blazing sun, a kissy-heart face, and a flower emoji to his comment.

"Your family is such goals!" remarked another follower.

"He** yeah we only drank water too!! Who needs booze," said a third fan, who added a double pink heart emoji.

"I want to be friends with you and Lucas so badly. Y'all are baddies," stated another of Noah's followers.