Larry King Reveals Why He Was In A Coma For Several Weeks Earlier This Year

Veteran television personality Larry King went on the record to open up about the health struggles which led him to fall into a coma earlier this year.

King, who hosted Larry King Live on CNN for over two decades, suffered a stroke in March, according to The Hill.

The television star has an extensive history of health complications. He is a prostate cancer survivor and also had a cancerous tumor excised from one of his lungs. In the late '80s, the television personality underwent a quintuple bypass surgery. He had a similar procedure again this April and was an inpatient at a medical facility where he underwent heart surgery. His attending physician said that the angioplasty was meant to make way for stents that would reopen the bypass from his previous operation.

King, who celebrated his 86th birthday on November 19, said that after the stroke, he fell into a coma. This all occurred one month before his intensive cardiac surgery.

"It's been a rough year, I don't remember anything since March. I haven't driven a car, but I'm back at work and that makes me feel great. It's been a long, hard ride."

King went on to share more details about his prognosis and ongoing recovery.

"[After the stroke,] everything got better except my left foot, and I have been rehabbing that every day and they tell me I'll be walking by Christmas. Not bad, I've been walking with a walker," he said.

Health challenges aren't the only issues that King has faced this year.

The Inquisitr previously reported that the primetime host filed for divorce from his wife of 22 years, Shawn Southwick, in August. The two shared that irreconcilable differences were what led to the end of a tumultuous relationship that often featured bouts of infidelity from both parties. People reported that King was compelled to re-evaluate the relationship after his health scare earlier this year.

Ever optimistic, the television host said that his doctors say he has an "incomparable spirit." None of the hardships of this year seemed to have stopped him from enjoying his birthday. King took to his Twitter on the day to thank his 2.5 million followers for their support.


Several fans responded with their adoration, tweeting heartwarming replies to the talk show host.

"You gave millions such good nights and great memories in the 1980's on Mutual Radio. We stilll [sic] love you," wrote one fan.

"I remember hearing you on the radio years ago, so mesmerizing. What a voice. American icon," tweeted another supporter.