Jon Gosselin Reportedly ‘Hates’ Not Having All 8 Of His Kids For Vacation, Longs For Future Holidays Together

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Jon Gosselin is reportedly missing his children over the Thanksgiving holiday. The former Jon and Kate Plus 8 star is vacationing in St. Croix with his girlfriend Colleen Conrad and his kids Collin and Hannah, the 15-year-olds that live with him. But an insider says the dad-of-eight longs for the day that he’ll see all of his children over the holidays, despite his high-profile estrangement from many of them, as well as his rocky relationship with his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin.

A source close to the former TLC reality star told In Touch Weekly that Jon “hates” that he can’t see all of his kids over the holiday season. While he reportedly won’t let that damper his quality time with Collin and Hannah as they enjoy their tropical Thanksgiving vacation far away from their hometown drama, the insider said Jon looks forward to the day when more of his children will be able to join him for vacations and holidays.

“Jon doesn’t really care what Kate has to say anymore,” the insider told In Touch. “He heard that some of the kids were jealous that they didn’t get to go, but that’s out of his hands, for now anyway.”

The source went on to say that Jon “would love to have all the kids with him, which is something that he’s working on for future get-togethers.”

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Jon’s vacation with Collin and Hannah kicked off just a few days after he blasted their mom Kate in an interview on The Dr. Oz Show. The TV doctor urged Jon to fix his toxic relationship with Kate for the sake of their children. In addition to Collin and Hannah, the exes are parents to 19-year-old twins Mady and Cara, and 15-year-olds Aaden, Alexis, Leah and Joel.

Jon currently has custody of Collin and Hannah, but the family insider said that some of the other Gosselin kids are starting to realize he’s not the “evil dad” they thought he was. The source said he is patiently waiting as he knows that the others will “come around” eventually.

In the early years following his 2009 divorce from Kate, Jon did not always spend the holidays with any of his eight children. Last year, just as he was gaining custody of Collin and Hannah, an insider told Hollywood Life that the Jon was “looking forward to the best Christmas he’s had in years,” now that he had two of his kids with him full time.