Jenelle Evans Says ‘Trust No One’ On Twitter Amid David Eason Divorce Drama

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Jenelle Evans shared a new message with her Twitter followers yesterday and it was cryptic and vague enough that fans flooded the comments section with a variety of messages. Although it’s hard to know exactly what Jenelle meant by the message, people had plenty of opinions. Considering that the former Teen Mom 2 star has been making headlines thanks to her divorce drama with David Eason, many are guessing that she’s alluding to something related to him.

“Once again, trust no one,” Jenelle tweeted.

“Jenelle, I wldn’t [sic] even respond 2 him, his friends/family 4 anything at all. No matter how much may bother you, I think u should not b available 2 him. He doesn’t deserve 2know how u feel or what u think, n whether good/bad…” wrote a fan.

There were plenty of others that sent encouraging messages to tell Jenelle that she was doing the right thing by leaving her husband.

“I once opened up to my Aunt about my abusive father. She turned around and told him everything I said. You speak truth,” shared a follower.

That follower likely pointed this out because one of the claims Jenelle made in court documents for a restraining order is that she felt David was potentially capable of hurting her and the children.

On the other hand, some followers thought Jenelle could be referring to YouTuber Katie Joy.

“Exactly…be careful because @WOACrystalBall is sending @mattbEPT out to talk to you and get info for her YouTube channel. She doesn’t care about you….she’s just looking for content to grow her channel,” claimed a Twitter user.

In addition, there were others that shared their stories of being betrayed by people they trust. Others advised Jenelle to be more selective about who she decides to call her friends.

Whatever Jenelle meant, it’s clear that her fans seem pretty vested in how the divorce proceedings will pan out. For now, the TV star is reportedly staying in a Nashville apartment while David is traveling there for their court dates, according to Radar Online.

This isn’t the first time Jenelle shared a cryptic Twitter message. Just a few days ago, she told people not to believe “random lies.” That Twitter message received a ton of attention, with followers chiming in with their opinions about what “lies” she referred to.

Jenelle appears to be slowly coming out of her self-imposed social media hiatus and her fans seem excited to receive any new information from the Teen Mom 2 star.