‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Hint At Possible Pregnancy For Willow & Chase

Craig SjodinABC

A brief moment incorporated into the General Hospital sneak peek for Wednesday’s show has prompted speculation that Willow Tait might be pregnant. This would be a huge development if that’s where the writers are headed. Fans should learn more about Willow’s future during the episode airing November 27.

Viewers have not seen much of Willow and Harrison Chase together lately. They are happily in love and recently moved in together, but the focus has been on other storylines for a while now. However, General Hospital spoilers suggest that “Chillow” might be back in the forefront again soon.

Until this new preview, General Hospital fans hadn’t really had any reason to speculate about a Willow pregnancy. However, the sneak peek for Wednesday showed Willow and Sasha talking in a way that sparked some conversation about the possibility.

Viewers will see the two together at the Floating Rib. Sasha will start to ask Willow something that she admits she’s hesitant to mention.

However, Willow will cut Sasha off before she can finish that thought. Willow will look serious and perhaps even panicked as she pleaded with Sasha not to ask what she was about to ask.

That is all that the preview clip included of this conversation. Despite that, it seems that’s all it took to spark buzz among General Hospital fans about the possibility that Willow is pregnant, or at least thinks she might be.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Willow will be feeling introspective in some sense during Wednesday’s show. If she is thinking she might be pregnant, feeling introspective would certainly make sense.

Willow has managed to get to a place where she is a part of Wiley’s life and she is on good terms with Brad and Lucas. She thinks that Wiley is the baby she placed for adoption. Being pregnant again would give her a lot to think about.

Of course, at some point, the truth about Wiley will emerge and Willow will have some intense grief to manage when she learns her biological son died soon after birth. It’s possible that either having a pregnancy scare or an actual pregnancy could add another layer of complexity to this upcoming heartbreak.

General Hospital spoilers for the shows ahead note that Willow will confide something in Sasha, a scene that will come on Thursday, December 5. Actress Katelyn MacMullen recently noted that she and Sofia Mattsson would love to see Willow and Sasha have more time together on-screen. Now it sounds as if that is in the works.

The buzz is that this moment of confiding in Sasha will come shortly after Willow worries over something. Whatever it is will have her feeling anxious to determine the truth and while this isn’t necessarily about being pregnant, it certainly would fit.

The writers have had Chase seemingly experiencing a bit of baby fever recently, so he probably wouldn’t be too flustered if he were to learn that Willow is pregnant.

The pairing of Chase and Willow has become fairly popular among viewers and “Chillow” fans will be anxious to get more General Hospital spoilers about this possible pregnancy storyline.