These Steam Black Friday Deals Cannot Be Beat

Steam has long been heralded as the biggest player in the digital distribution game, and their seasonal sales are the talk of PC gaming communities the world over. Now, as Black Friday and Cyber Monday loom on the horizon, Valve's storefront promises more than a few tantalizing offers for gamers looking to nab the Steam deal of the year.

So what can PC gamers look forward to in terms of Steam sales for Black Friday 2019? Early reports from GameSpot indicate that the Steam Autumn Sale will run from November 26 through to December 3 this year, and fans of almost every genre can expect to be satisfied by the offerings up for sale.

Indie Games On Sale For Black Friday Via Steam

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It's important to give the indies their bit of spotlight, and this year's Black Friday sale presents a perfect opportunity to do so. Smash-hit roguelike Dead Cells will be reduced in price to $17.49, Minecraft replacement Terraria will come in at a very modest cost of just $5, and prison break simulator The Escapists 2 won't set one back much more, at just $6. Meanwhile, fan favorite Cave Story will be available for just under $10, and cyberpunk action game Furi will also hit rock bottom pricing, coming in at $8.

AAA Games Discounted For Steam Autumn Sale 2019

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For those hardcore gamers who can't get enough of the top-tier titles put out by big-name studios, don't fret -- Steam also has video game addicts covered in terms of sales this Black Friday. Gears 5 has seen its asking price cut in half, being available at $30 -- a price point also reserved for sci-fi survival horror sequel The Surge 2. RPG fanatics should be sure to check out Monster Hunter: World at $30, as well as Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet at a 75 percent discount.

Finally, the critically controversial Rage 2 will be offered at a strong 67 percent discount, landing at a cost of $19.79.

Past Black Friday Sales On Steam

Previous Black Friday sales -- or Steam Autumn Sales -- have seen a wide array of games hit the digital discount bin, with AAA titles standing shoulder to shoulder with indie experiences. Last year, as WePC details, a number of high-profile video games went on sale for the biggest shopping weekend in the United States.

During the most recent Steam Autumn Sale, Grand Theft Auto V was discounted by 34 percent to rest at just under $20, Far Cry 5 was sold at 50 percent off for $29.99, and Borderlands 2 was an absolute steal at just $4.99.

Black Friday brings with it the opportunity to fill one's backlog with even more games that may never be played, so don't miss out on the significant sales and deep discounts that this year's Steam Autumn Sale promises to deliver.