Reality Steve’s Latest ‘The Bachelor’ Tease Has Some Wondering How Wild Peter Weber’s Final Rose Ceremony Was

John FleenorABC

Anxious The Bachelor spoiler fans are dissecting a new tweet from blogger Reality Steve as they wait somewhat impatiently for the scoop on Peter Weber’s final rose ceremony. In a new string of posts on Twitter, the gossip guru shared an update detailing where he is on revealing Peter’s final pick. However, some of the wording he used has people speculating that Peter may not have left filming engaged.

The Bachelor spoilers have detailed that filming ended earlier this month. Reality Steve’s spoilers indicated that Victoria Fuller, Madison Prewett, and Hannah Sluss were the last three ladies standing, but he has not yet revealed which one lasted until the end.

Reality Steve’s spoilers have teased that Victoria did not get Peter’s final rose. He has also said that he has heard from sources about how The Bachelor supposedly ends, however, he is still working to confirm the information, which he reiterated in his new Twitter thread.

As Reality Steve tweeted about his upcoming podcast episode, he confirmed that he is still not ready to run with The Bachelor spoilers about who supposedly “won.”

“I don’t have the solid confirmation on that yet that I need. I’m not just gonna run with something I’m not sold on. Been hearing A LOT of things. When I do have confirmation, you will know. Please be patient,” Reality Steve told fans.

When Kristen Baldwin, a television journalist for Entertainment Weekly, tweeted back at him about his wording choice of “won,” Reality Steve added another post.

“Ok fine, not ‘won.’ How about ‘final one-who-he-will-never-end-up-marrying-anyway-so-why-even-get-excited-about-whoever-his-choice-is-if-anyone-at-all.’ That better?” tweeted Reality Steve in response to Baldwin’s tease.

Based on the responses to his reply, it looks like that “if anyone at all” tidbit did not go unnoticed.

The Bachelor fans have assumed that one of those final three ladies received Peter’s final rose and is likely engaged to him now. However, it’s starting to sound as if this upcoming season could have yet another crazy ending or at least some unexpected twists.

“All I glean from this chirp is that Peter most likely picks no one,” tweeted one The Bachelor fan.

“Do I smell a potential Brad Womack Ending???” noted another, referring to Brad’s first of two seasons.

“I think he’s dating the person not engagement,” wrote someone else, seemingly anticipating an ending somewhat like what everybody saw last year with Colton Underwood.

Was Reality Steve’s wording in this tweet a hint of a chaotic The Bachelor ending for Peter or will he ultimately reveal a more traditional final rose ceremony and engagement? Fans are definitely anxious to get the scoop.