John Cusack Says MSNBC Should ‘Cover Yang Honestly’

Michael Buckner / Ethan MillerGetty Images

Actor and self-described “apocalyptic sh*t disturber” John Cusack recently blasted MSNBC for their coverage of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. The move comes not long after candidate Andrew Yang called out the network for both his lack of speaking time at Wednesday’s debate and their general coverage of his campaign, adding that he would not be returning to their shows until he received an apology.

Cusack has now addressed Yang’s coverage on the network and appears to be supportive of the candidate’s position.

“Name it shame it — boycott or raid them — make them put surrogates on — not just Michael Moore. How about @CornelWest? And yes they should cover yang honestly too.”

After the 44-year-old serial entrepreneur thanked Cusack, the actor suggested that both CNN and MSNBC give “millions of FREE prime time coverage” to Donald Trump for “ratings/profits.” He also claimed that they push the preferred neoliberal candidates.

Cusack’s attack echoes The Hill’s Rising host Krystal Ball’s recent scathing attack on the network, in which she suggested that MSNBC has “officially lost the left.” She continued to claim that it’s “questionable” whether the network was ever truly a proponent of left-wing values, adding that it has always been a “corporate capitalist enterprise” that coincidentally discovered that “rage against the Bush administration” was a profitable business model.

Cusack later addressed Yang’s thanks and touched on how he feels about the 44-year-old serial entrepreneur’s policy ideas.

“Your [sic] welcome,” he said, adding that he believes AI and automation are “important issues” and highlighting his belief in Silicon Valley regulation.

The 53-year-old actor also expressed his hope for Yang to take a position in a possible Sanders cabinet.

Both Yang and Sanders’ supporters have been pushing the “Boycott MSNBC” hashtag after the “Yang Gang” promoted it following Yang’s lack of speaking time at Wednesday’s debate, and Cusack tweeted the same hashtag with his attack on the network. The shared frustration of each candidates’ base of supporters appears to be their lack of media coverage, which some have suggested should be a reason for both groups to work together. One user expressed his desire for Sanders and Yang’s supporters to act more as allies than enemies, to which Yang appeared to agree.

Yang’s battle with MSNBC doesn’t appear to be over. After the network claimed to have called the campaign and apologized, Yang and his campaign manager, Zach Graumann, took to Twitter to suggest otherwise, which led to another hashtag campaign — #TellTheTruthMSNBC — from Yang’s base that suggested MSNBC was lying and pushed them to come clean.