Doctor Who Series 7 Launch Trailer Released [Video]

Doctor who series 7 trailer

Doctor Who series 7’s second half is kicking off on March 30 and the show has released a new trailer to get fans excited. Among the events that will take place in part 2 of series 7 is the re-introduction of Jenna-Louise Coleman as the newest companion to the Doctor.

Coleman’s character, Clara Oswin has appeared in a couple of earlier episodes, but the “Bells of Saint John” will mark her first appearance as a companion. The “Bells of Saint John” will apparently be set against several of the most recognizable landmarks in Great Britain

The premiere of the second half of series 7 will also intruduce Whovians to a brand new enemy, called the Spoonheads. Doctor Who will have eight separate episodes airing in this section of the new series and that will include the the November 23 50th anniversary episode.

The BBC is also putting together a special retrospective of the series that will air alongside or around this 50th anniversary episode. The anniversary episode will apparently be the first in the show’s history that will actually be broadcast in 3D.

Series 7 has been on hiatus since September 25 except for the stand alone Christmas episode, ‘The Snowmen.” Coleman’s Clara Oswin made an appearance in this episode as a sort of foreshadowing to her arrival on the scene as the full time fellow traveler with the Doctor.

The Doctor will also be getting the literary treatment. In connection with the 50th anniversary, one of the most beloved modern English writers, J.K. Rowling has is penning one estory in a collection of 11.


In the trailer for the second part of this seventh series, we see Coleman’s character seemingly confused as to where she is and why she is actually traveling with the Doctor. Along with the apparent new enemies in the Spoonheads, this half of the new season will apparently also feature some old friends like the Cybermen.

Check out the Doctor Who series 7 launch trailer below.