Kendall Jenner & Fai Khadra's Fans, Friends Really Want Them To Start A Family

Kendall Jenner posed a surprising question on Instagram for her fans and friends on Sunday afternoon and it has stirred up quite a tizzy. The supermodel asked her followers if she and her rumored boyfriend, Fai Khadra, should start a family, along with several photos of herself, Fai, and sister Kim Kardashian's sons, Saint and Palm West.

In the photos, Kendall, Fai, and the kids were hanging out in what appeared to be some sort of dressing room. Kendall rocked an oversized, blue graphic sweatshirt paired with leather pants. Her dark black hair was pulled into a sleek bun behind her head and she accessorized with dainty earrings. Meanwhile, Fai wore blue pants, a gray shirt, and a brown leather jacket.

In the first photo, Kendall held bald-headed baby Psalm, who wore a gray sweatshirt and light gray bib, in her arms and looked down at him affectionately. The next two slides in the series showed Kendall sitting in a chair with Saint, 3, in her lap. The toddler rocked a dark blue t-shirt with light blue pants as he flailed around in aunt Kendall's arms, seemingly getting tickled.

Finally, the last photo showed Kendall with Psalm in her arms once again as she posed for a mirror selfie alongside Fai, who snapped the image. Kendall had a huge smile on her face the entire time. The much-talked-about twosome looked very happy and comfortable.

In the caption, Kendall requested "I's" from those who wanted the two to "start a family."

The responses were overwhelmingly positive. In addition to garnering over five million likes in just under a day, Kendall received more than 41,000 comments.

Many famous faces, including sisters Kylie Jenner and Kim, mom Kris Jenner, fellow models Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber, and more excitedly shared their support.

"U would make great mummy and daddy's," producer Jess Jackson said.

"You are the only one who doesn't have a kid plz go make one and i can't wait to see how cute and beautiful yours will be," one fan wrote.

While it is true that Kendall is the only remaining Kardashian-Jenner sibling to not have any children, unfortunately for excited fans, this all appeared to be a joke. Rumors about Kendall and Fai have been circulating since he attended Hailey and Justin Bieber's wedding with the reality star in October. However, Elle reported that Kendall shared a photo with Fai at the ceremony and added a disclaimer in the caption that they "don't date."

Kendall also revealed earlier this year that she would someday like to have children of her own, but she won't "rush into things," as The Inquisitr previously reported. For now, she will likely stick to being a beloved aunt.