Singer Aaron Carter Says He Wants To 'Stay Away' From His Family, Says He Is Trying To 'Better' Himself

Amid recent legal drama, Aaron Carter recently took to his social media and revealed that he was going to stay away from his family. According to a new report from E! News, the singer posted a video to his Instagram account in which he explained his decision.

In the clip, Aaron is lying down in his bed as he records his video in which he talks about everything that has been going on in his life.

"Basically, after everything that's happened with the court stuff and everything, you know, I just want to stay away from my family for a while," Aaron explained.

The court stuff that Aaron is referring to likely has to do with restraining orders obtained by two of his siblings. Recently, his older brother, Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter, was granted a one-year restraining order against his younger brother. Nick and his sister Angel, who is Aaron's twin sister, were also granted a restraining order which bars Aaron from contacting Nick or Angel and members of their families.

With the video, Aaron also included a caption in which he said he opened up about some things going on in his life.

"I just wanted to make a statement, and let you know that I would never want to hurt anyone my family and being a silence breaker has been a very difficult task but something I just want to see people who have done wrong apologize for," Aaron said in the caption of the video.

The singer then went on to talk about the fact that he is who he is, and revealed that he is "good to people" and that he "loves making music." He explained that every day he is trying to "better himself."

"I'm trying to better myself every day with my sobriety my mind my body and my soul taking care of myself going to the doctors," Aaron wrote.

The video had over 103,000 views and plenty of encouraging and supportive comments from his followers. Many of his fans urged him to get some rest and let him know they support him.

One week ago, Aaron's fans were worried about the star after a picture of him in the hospital was shared to his Instagram page. Reportedly, the singer was "exhausted." The photo has since been deleted from his social media account, but the snap had many of his fans continuing to show their support for the singer.