Substitute Teacher Engaged In Year-Long Sexual Relationship With 13-Year-Old Student

A former substitute teacher at Sacred Heart School in Newburgh, New York, 44-year-old Lisa M. Franklin, is accused of raping a 13-year-old boy. The year-long sexual abuse began back when the child was 12.

Franklin, who is married and has two teenage children, spent the year befriending the child’s parents and became his at-home tutor. She remained his personal tutor even after leaving the school in the spring of 2012.

The boy’s parents reported their concerns to authorities in February after discovering questionable text messages on the child’s cell phone. The relationship between Franklin and their son had been one of educator and student as far as they had known.

Authorities described the messages as abnormally inappropriate exchanges between a 44-year-old and a 13-year-old.

Representatives for Sacred Heart School assert the school strives to provide a quality education in the Catholic tradition as well as providing a safe and secure environment for their students.

Although Franklin is a former employee, the school is assisting authorities where they can in this case.

Franklin has been charged with second-degree rape and sexual conduct against a child, all occurring in multiple jurisdictions. Additional felony sex charges are pending.

Franklin was released from Orange County Jail after posting $10,000 bail. She was arraigned on Thursday and is expected back in court at a later date.

Unfortunately, it is not an uncommon occurrence for an educator to engage in a relationship with an underage student.

Recently, an assistant principal in a Texas high school was arrested on allegations he had sex with an underage female student. Mark Steven West, 30, is facing charges for having sex with a high school student in his office at the Spring High School.

A 31-year-old former special education teacher in Hancock County, Mississippi, Leslie Danielle DeWitt, was arrested and charged with three counts for sexual battery of a 16-year-old.