‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 3 Has New Trailer Titled ‘War’

Game of Thrones Season 3 trailer

Game of Thrones has a new season three trailer that focuses on the different wars that are about to erupt this year. The fantasy adventure series has certainly not been shy about releasing trailers to show off what the season holds. As the launch date for this season draws closer HBO is working overtime to wet everyone’s appetite.

The new trailer doesn’t have a ton of new footage in it but the video which is titled “War” does show off the coming battles that the kingdoms will have to endure. The video opens with Daenerys Targaryen talking about how “the man who fights for gold can’t afford to lose to a girl.”

That is followed up by talking about Robb Stark talking about how he simply wants to fight for the side that fights for the living. And then a voice to someone off screen announces that he wants both Joffrey and Robb dead.

Despite being just 30 seconds, the clip does a pretty good job of showing the mess that a kingdom once under a fairly peaceful rule has become.

Game of Thrones fans are going to get a couple of treats when season three begins. Producers announced earlier this year that there will be several episodes that are longer. There is quite a bit of story to tell here and while there were a lot of 52 minute episodes last year, there are going to be quite a few 56 or 57 minute episodes.

Some people might think that you can’t do a whole lot with four or five minutes, but add those episodes up and you could be talking about 20 or more minutes of programming. That can help swing the story arc one way or another.


Check out the new Game of Thrones season three trailer below and get ready, because in just two weeks time (March 31) the new season will be going live.