Sky News Reporter Arrested Live On Air In China [Video]

Man arrested during live broadcast

Here’s a weird one for you: A reporter for Sky News was in the midst of a live report from Tiananmen Square when he was abruptly arrested by Chinese police.

Sky News correspondent Mark Stone was speaking to viewers live from China when he was arrested by police, and brought to a room with his cameraman for questioning. Stone was apparently able to continue his live broadcast from a police van, and then from the room where he was being held.

Stone speculated that he was arrested because police thought he was filming something to be broadcasted later, instead of the live report he was in the midst of.

The footage was posted to YouTube via user Alexander Wickham, and has broken 100,000 views. It shows Stone being brought into the van and being filmed by an officer.

“I should make the point that throughout this, the police have been entirely civil with us, but nonetheless, they are detaining us,” Stone remarked before speaking to a police officer. “This is a classic example of the way things seem to work sometimes in China.”

Stone also mentioned that he may have been detained because he mentioned the 1989 protests at Tiananmen Square.

Most who watched the video found it remarkable that the arresting officers were very polite to Stone during and after the arrest.

“That police officer was extremely nice to him even when he was filming and he even talked to him and explained why he was in trouble. Never laid a hand on him was completely polite,” said user DaftSneak.


According to a report on the Sky News website, Stone and his crew had permission to film in the square, and were reporting on China’s leadership transition. Police said that Stone was detained because his press credentials were not properly displayed during filming.

Check out the video of Sky News’ Mark Stone being arrested during a live broadcast in China: