November 20, 2019
'Alaskan Bush People's' 'Browntown' Home Listed For Sale In Hoonah

The Alaskan Bush People's "Browntown" home, located in Hoonah, Alaska, was listed for sale on Zillow roughly 24 hours ago.

The listing boasts that the property is an opportunity for a potential homeowner to purchase a "large waterfront parcel" that is conveniently located within the "panhandle of Alaska."

The 29.11 acres of land was posted by a listing agent named Robert Fox, with an asking price of $795,000.

The home is listed as a recreational, multi-family property with a waterfront. For potential buyers with children, the listing reveals that the property is located in the Chatham School District, with Gustavus School being the only school for grades kindergarten through 12th.

The property is located near a number of roads and trails, as well as two docks. For those trying to find the area to stop by for a look, it is located to the east of Salt Lake Bay and to the south of Port Frederick. It is roughly 14 to 15 miles away from Hoonah, depending on which listing is referenced.

The Zillow listing has been viewed almost 100 times. At least one potentially interested buyer has saved the listing for future viewing.

As InTouch Weekly previously reported, "Browntown" technically isn't a town. It was the name affectionately given to the area the reality TV family called home while living off the grid.

The family built homes on the site, using materials that could easily be found in the Alaskan bush. The grounds consisted of Matt Brown's hut, the main house, Bear Brown's tree house, and Joshua "Bam Bam" Brown's home.

Why did the Alaskan Bush People leave their "Browntown" property?

The family's decision to pack up and move closer to civilization came as a result of medical recommendations. After Ami Brown was diagnosed with cancer, they moved to a rental home near an emergency room in L.A. This made it easier for her to get the treatment she needed.

While Ami's cancer is now in remission, her doctors still do not think it is a good idea for the family to live off the grid, away from easily accessible medical help. Her doctors advised the family that they could remain off grid, but should move closer to other people, just in case the cancer came back.

Rumors about "Browntown" have swirled ever since the family left, stating that the area no longer existed and that the family and the Discovery Channel packed everything up. Now, thanks to the Zillow listing, those rumors can be put to rest.

According to TV Insider, those interested in continuing to follow the Alaskan Bush People can tune into the Season 11 premiere on December 4.