Emma Watson And Tom Felton Had ‘A Spark,’ According To Their ‘Harry Potter’ Co-star Rupert Grint

Rupert Grint reacted to rumors that Emma Watson and Tom Felton are dating by saying that he observed a “spark” between his Harry Potter co-stars. Rupert spilled the details about Emma and Tom’s possible feelings for each other during an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Emma and Tom played mortal enemies in the Harry Potter movies as Gryffindor good girl Hermione Granger and Slytherin bad boy Draco Malfoy, while Emma’s onscreen love interest was Rupert’s character, Ron Weasley. However, Rupert said he “didn’t have any sparks” with Emma or anyone else he worked with while playing wizards. Emma and Tom were a different story.

“There was always something,” Rupert said. “There was a little bit of a spark.”

The topic of a potential romance between Emma and Tom came up after a reunion between the two co-stars sparked dating rumors. Back in August, Tom shared a photo of this magical moment on his Instagram page. He and Emma were pictured seated next to each other on a couch, and he was teaching her how to play guitar.

Rupert said that he could definitely see Tom and Emma coupling up, but added that he doesn’t “want to start anything” by speculating on their love life. He also pointed out that Emma and Tom were very young when he witnessed their flirtations.


“There were some sparks,” Rupert said. “But we were kids. It was like any kind of playground romance.”

Emma did confirm that she had a crush on Tom years ago, and she revealed that she actually told him about it. In 2011, she told Seventeen that she and Tom “still laugh about it.” Tom has said that the two have remained good friends since leaving the wizarding world, and they often hang out together. In addition to teaching Emma guitar, he’s also given her a skateboarding lesson.

Unfortunately for Harry Potter fans who really want this couple to happen, Emma recently confirmed that she is single. However, she prefers to describe herself as “self-partnered.” Tom described himself the same way during a November 18 interview with the Daily Mail. He also said that he likes Emma’s new term for being unattached.

“I’m in the same category to be honest with you, quite happily self-partnered,” Tom said.


While the “sparks” between Tom and Emma have never evolved into a full-blown romance, Tom stated that he enjoys spending time with his friend, gushing about how amazing Emma is.

“She’s an incredibly smart and lovely young lady, so it’s always nice to bump into each other and slightly reminisce about old times but also about looking forward to the future,” the actor said.