‘Harry Potter’ Fans Are Convinced Emma Watson Is Dating Former Co-Star Tom Felton

Emma Watson and Tom Felton, who played Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter series respectively, have been friends for a long time and are known to hang out quite often.

Now, it seems like fans of the beloved wizard story are keen to pair them up after their latest reunion made its way to social media. The actor posted a sweet photo of him and Emma on his Instagram page earlier this week. Despite the actual picture not suggesting anything more than a close friendship, HP fans are absolutely going wild over the idea that the two might be an item.

In the snap, the two are seen looking very casual in their pajamas while Tom appears to teach Emma how to play the guitar. The actor himself is also a musician and often plays gigs around the world. He certainly knows a thing or two he could teach his former cast member. In the photo, the duo sit on the couch in a beautifully-decorated house as Tom explains to Emma how to play a specific chord on the acoustic guitar.

The 31-year-old looked like he had just recently woken up as she donned a red tank top and checked blue PJ pants with the cuffs rolled up. His long, dark blonde hair was a bit disheveled as well. The actress and activist, 29, also sported a bedtime outfit, rocking a pink-and-white striped pajama shirt and matching pants.

Her long brunette locks were up in a messy bun. They both appeared very chilled and comfortable in each other’s company, with Tom revealing that his friend was quick to master the art. According to The Daily Mail, the snap was taken during a trip to South Africa.

Aside from that, the actor also reposted a picture of him at the beach in Los Angeles wearing a white top that had the words “women do it better” on it. Tom looked happy as he was all smiles while sitting on the white sand, with fans also noticing that Emma had been the one behind the lens because he used the initials “EW” next to a camera emoji.

This was enough to send the internet into overdrive, with many fans claiming the two need to go “official.”

“When is tom felton and emma watson gonna be official,” one person asked.

Another one pointed out, “Let’s not forget the fact that Emma Watson used to have a crush on Tom Felton and I ship them from then on.”

“If Emma Watson and Tom Felton are actually together, I’ll die of happiness,” another “Potterhead” added.

Others already determined their couple names. “Feltson” was one of them, but it seems “Dramione” won as thousands of people got behind it on Instagram.

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