Lori Harvey Returns To Instagram For The First Time Since Her Hit-And-Run Accident

Elizabeth Randolph

Lori Harvey shared her first video on Instagram since she was involved in a hit-and-run accident three weeks ago.

The model and stepdaughter of Steve Harvey returned to the photo-sharing app to promote a campaign that she is involved in. In the video, which was shared on November 15, Lori is in a winter wonderland while she is promoting a holiday gift set from Viktor & Rolf.

She is wearing a white dress as she smiles and spins around for the camera. Behind her is a bright pink backdrop, as snowflakes fly through the air and past Harvey's face. Harvey is seen holding the gift set, and said that she is "obsessed" with it in the video.

She has a soft makeup look in the video, only adding foundation, eyeshadow, faux eyelashes, and lip gloss. She also styled her hair in a center part, as her dark hair is straight in the photo. Based off the model's geotag on her post, the advertisement was shot in Paris, France.

At the time of this writing, Harvey's post has received more than 35,000 views from the model's 1.3 million Instagram followers. The video also received more than 80 comments from Harvey's fans, many of whom were happy to see her reappear on social media.

"Great come back!" one fan exclaimed.

"Beautiful girl you are amazing," another fan chimed in.

"Oh how I've missed you my love," another fan said.

"You look stunning! Proud of you," another fan wrote.

The cause of the accident was reportedly due to her texting and driving at the time. The other driver reportedly pulled Harvey out of her car before she attempted to flee the scene. Neither Harvey nor the second driver sustained any injuries after being found by Beverly Hills police.

While both Diddy and Harvey denied that they were together at the time, they were seen out together on many occasions. Diddy also joined Harvey with her stepfather and mother, Marjorie Harvey, on a trip back in July.