Carrie Underwood Teases ‘Drinking Alone’ Music Video On Instagram And Reveals Premiere Date

Jason KempinGetty Images

Carrie Underwood just gave her fans something to be thankful for ahead of Thanksgiving. A teaser clip for her “Drinking Alone” music video was uploaded onto her Instagram account on Sunday, and the singer’s fans couldn’t be more excited. The post also included a short caption informing Carrie’s followers that they won’t have to wait long to see the video; it’s going to premiere on Wednesday, November 20.

While the title of Carrie’s latest single is “Drinking Alone,” this is not what the singer is doing in the teaser video. She is enjoying an alcoholic beverage, but she has a male drinking partner. The pair are sitting in a dimly lit corner booth at a bar or restaurant, and they have a bottle of booze sitting on the table in front of them.

A bit of the booze has already been poured into their whiskey glasses, which they are both holding in their hands. Carrie Underwood’s handsome partner leans toward her and the two clink glasses before downing their drinks. Right before the video ends, it cuts to a close-up shot of Carrie gazing at the mystery man over her glass. However, he isn’t looking at her.

Carrie is wearing a pale pink top featuring a V-neck, a belted empire waist, and ruffles on the sleeves. Her shoulder-length blond hair has been styled in soft waves and parted to the side. For her beauty look, she’s sporting dark eye makeup, including smoky eye shadow and black eye liner on her top and bottom lash lines.

Carrie’s drinking partner is wearing a black leather jacket. He has short, light brown hair and a small amount of facial scruff covering his chiseled features.

Even though the teaser clip was just a few seconds long, Carrie Underwood’s Instagram followers liked it over 10,000 times in the span of half an hour. Some of the “Cry Pretty” singer’s fans also took to the comments section to let Carrie know that having the “Drinking Alone” video to look forward to makes it feel like the holidays are coming early.

“Early Christmas gift to us?? I think so!!” read one response to the video.

“Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!” another fan remarked.

“Can’t wait!!!! This is gonna be so good!” a third admirer commented.

“Thank you entertainer of the year!” wrote a fourth fan.

“Drinking Alone” is about a lonely, heartbroken woman who invites a stranger to join her so that they can do a little “drinkin’ alone together.” It was the song that Carrie Underwood performed at the recent CMA Awards when she hosted the show, and many of Carrie’s fans responded to her Instagram post by gushing about how great her live performance was.

However, it ended up being a bittersweet night for the singer’s supporters. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, they were extremely upset that the Entertainer of the Year nominee went home empty-handed.