‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julian Continues To Make Brad’s Life Miserable

Matt PetitABC Press

Julian is furious with Brad Cooper and he will continue to make his life miserable this week on General Hospital. Julian can be dangerous if he is pushed too far. He has seemingly left his previous life of crime, but this whole baby swap mess has him spitting daggers, and they are aimed right at Brad.

Next week will have Julian continuing his plan to take Brad down. He has previously warned his son-in-law to leave Lucas and head out of town. He even went to great lengths to make it look like Brad was cheating, but instead he told Lucas all about Julian’s involvement. Now Julian is on the outs with his son, and he isn’t too happy about that. According to General Hospital spoilers by SheKnows Soaps, he is expected to look into Brad’s schedule. That seems to hint that Julian is in stalker mode and ready to make sure that Brad gets what he deserves.

There is no indication on just how far Julian is willing to go to get Brad out of his son’s life, but it sounds like by the week of Thanksgiving, he will be taking some sort of drastic measures. Brad better watch his back. Lucas is stuck in the middle. He knows that Brad may be keeping secrets and he will also be pleading with him once again to tell him what is bothering Brad so much.

General Hospital fans are more than anxious to have the baby swap secret finally revealed. They want Michael to get his son back. It will all blow up in Brad’s face soon enough, and Julian may just go down with him. Fans are begging for Julian to just come clean about what Brad has done, but Julian doesn’t want Lucas to lose Wiley, either. He just wants Brad out of the way for now.

As The Inquisitr had previously indicated, Lucas had a good chat with his adopted dad’s ghost recently. Tony Jones came to talk to Lucas over his confused feelings. That’s when Julian showed up and Lucas tore into him. He wants nothing to do with his dad after he found out that he was attempting to sabotage his marriage.

Liesl Obrecht knows the secret as well. She is holding her tongue for now, but if she catches wind of what Julian is doing to Brad, she may just want in on the action. She hasn’t taken well to being told what to do by Brad, but she has cooperated so far in order to protect herself from being exposed, along with Brad and Julian.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.