Malika Haqq Shares That She Froze Her Eggs, But Didn’t Use Them, Said Her Baby Was ‘Made In Love’

Malika Haqq attends 'Secret with Essential Oils' Launch Party
Emma McIntyre / Getty Images

Malika Haqq recently opened up to her fans about how she conceived her upcoming baby.

The ATL actress sat down for the second episode of her new series, Side by Side, per People. The outlet reports that Haqq was with her twin sister, Khadijah Haqq-McCray, as she discussed a birthday gift she gave herself last year.

In honor of her 35th birthday, Haqq, now 36, shared that she decided to freeze her eggs after being unsure of when she would actually have a baby. However, Haqq never used the eggs, as she learned one year later that she was pregnant with her first child.

“The reason why I was so excited to learn that I was pregnant was because I knew that my life was going to change for the better, the greatest blessing that I’ve always wanted but didn’t know I was going to get, is finally here,” she said, tearing up. “I have eggs in the freezer I may never use. I made a baby in love and those eggs weren’t necessary.”

Haqq also shared that she learned she was pregnant on almost the exact date that she decided to freeze her eggs. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star joked with her sister that she “can’t get her freezer money back” after she was able to conceive her baby with a partner.

While Haqq confirmed that her baby was made with someone she had immense feelings for, the reality star has yet to reveal who her partner was. She previously shared that, for now, she wouldn’t share publicly the identity of the father of her child. She did say that she would eventually share with her fans the father’s identity, when she feels that the time is right.

Currently, many of Haqq’s fans have suggested that her ex-boyfriend, O.T. Genasis, is the one who is expecting a baby with her. Haqq and Genasis dated for a while before Haqq announced that she was single back in June.


Haqq announced that she was pregnant back in September. The model admitted that her pregnancy wasn’t planned, though she was more than excited to welcome her firstborn. Since announcing her pregnancy, Haqq has been sharing multiple milestones of her pregnancy, including her baby’s gender.

The actress announced that she is expecting a baby boy while posing next to a bottle of BioOil. Haqq is seen in the photo wearing a dark blue dress with a salmon backdrop.