‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Monday: Anna & Finn Catch Up Over An Intimate Dinner

General Hospital stars Michael Easton and Finola Hughes.
Michael Yada / ABC

On Monday’s episode of General Hospital, Finn and Anna play catch up over their first dinner together since the super spy got back into town. In the sneak peek that the ABC soap posted for November 18, the two lovebirds are seen chatting over an intimate candlelit dinner. They have a lot to talk about, but it seems that their conversation will head toward a chat about Alexis, Cassandra, and Valentin.

Both Finn and Anna have lots to brag about. Finn has finally figured out what has been making Alexis Davis sick. Actually, it was TJ who made the connection, and Finn tells Anna that he was the one who came up with the suggestion. Anna was thrilled that the guys solved the latest medical mystery.

Finn mentions in the General Hospital preview clip how his fiance saved Charlotte as she was being abducted by Cassandra Pierce. Anna arrived in the nick of time, even before she had made it home to Finn.

Anna brags on Valentin’s daughter fighting back. She didn’t have enough good things to say about the little girl not hesitating to take a chance when she saw the opportunity. She even called it “a thing of beauty.” She explains to Finn how Charlotte bit Cassandra and how Cassandra was so freaked out about getting an infection from that.

However, Cassandra met her demise when the boat she was trying to escape in exploded. Viewers know that it was Valentin who planted the explosives on the watercraft and proceeded to push the button to end her life. Anna tells Finn that she would like to know who exactly arranged to have her killed, but Finn is pretty sure that it was Valentin. The clip hints that Anna isn’t so sure about that.

Last week, after Anna rescued Charlotte, she and Valentin had something of an intimate moment between them. She knows just how much Charlotte means to him and it almost appeared that she was softening up to him as well. However, she knows just how ruthless he can be, especially when someone is threatening his loved ones.


General Hospital viewers are not so sure that Cassandra is even dead. Anna seems pretty convinced that she is, but many fans think that Cassandra jumped off the boat before it exploded. She may be back to seek her revenge sooner or later.

Finn and Anna’s little chat may end up turning to more personal matters on Monday. She was shocked to meet Finn’s daughter for the first time on Friday’s episode. They do have some things to sort out now that Hayden and Violet are in the picture.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.