‘Survivor: Winners At War’ Spoilers: Family Visit Gets An Upgrade

Jeff Probst hosts Survivor Season 39
Robert Voets / CBS

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Survivor: Winners at War.

There’s a lot of big changes coming in Season 40 of Survivor, the biggest being the return of 20 former winners. Winners at War will feature only survivors who have taken home the grand prize on the show, but there are many other twists that have also been revealed. A big change coming in Season 40 has to do with the traditional family visits.

According to Inside Survivor, more family members will be visiting the remaining players than ever before. Family visits traditionally happen later in the game, when only a handful of competitors are left vying for first place.

This new spin on visits will see multiple family members visiting their loved ones, instead of just one like seasons past. The spoiler site is also alleging that every cast member will get a visit from family members, which is quite an interesting twist. This means family visits would happen early on in the season, before anyone is sent home. Every survivor getting a family visit might factor into the Edge of Extinction twist, which is also getting a resurrection this season.

Eliminated competitors can choose to live at the Edge, and these players are also eligible for visits from family. This could hint that every eliminated player opts to go to the Edge, and that no one chooses to go home.


Survivor: Caramoan saw the visit of two family members per survivor, but Winners at War is expected to blow that number out of the water. Inside Survivor noted that there was no minimum or maximum number revealed regarding family visitors, but they promised there were going to be a whole lot of people heading to Fiji to see their loved ones on the hit reality series. The family visit has been a long-running tradition on the show, debuting all the way back in Season 2. Many fans expected it to disappear, but it looks like it’s bigger than ever.

In addition to the family member and Edge of Extinction twists, it was also revealed that Season 40 competitors will be given some sort of currency to spend throughout their time on the island. Those living on the Edge will also have access to money, should a remaining player choose to buy some sort of advantage from them. There aren’t too many details on the mysterious Survivor currency at this time.

Survivor: Winners at War premieres on February 12, 2020, at 8 p.m. ET. The series will be carried by CBS.