Street Performer Punches Spectator In The Face [Viral Video]

Street Performer Punches Guy In Face

Street performers entertain thousands of people in major metropolitan cities every single day. Sometimes they receive the love of those who pass by; other times they are heckled and teased.

In the video shown below, a perform painted in all silver is relentlessly touched by a spectator. After the man rubs his mustache, covers his ears, gives him a wet willie, and then rubs his face, the street performer has enough.

The end result? A swift and deserved punch to the face.

There are a lot of people collecting welfare, unable or unwilling to find work. This poor guy was just out making some honest money and entertaining people. He most certainly didn’t serve the torment of some possibly drunken idiot.

The street performer in the video is dressed like a cowboy, so it almost seems fitting that he dished out some old school wild west type justice.

Posted by YouTube user oathyRICH on March 15, 2013, the video has already gone viral with 143,781 views at the time of this post.


The best part? The performer, after punishing the rude and obnoxious spectator, went right back into his street performance character.

Do you think the man who was giving the cowboy portraying street performer deserved to be punch in the face based on his assault of the man?