Wendy Williams Slams Owen Wilson For Being A Bad Dad

Television host Wendy Williams just called out actor Owen Wilson in a major way. On Friday's episode of The Wendy Williams Show, Williams slammed Wilson, dubbing him a bad father for allegedly failing to have a relationship with his 1-year-old daughter, Lyla, according to Hollywood Life.

Wilson shares his daughter with his ex-girlfriend, 35-year-old Varunie Vongsvirates. Vongsvirates recently made shocking public claims against the actor, stating that while he supports the child from a financial standpoint, he plays no role in her life and hasn't even met her.

Williams believes these accusations are pretty ironic considering the fact that Wilson often plays the role of a devoted dad on screen, as he did in the 2017 comedy, Father Figures, for example. The television host didn't hold back when calling him out.

"Owen Wilson, you are no good! I don't know how we can see some of his kids movies ever again… You've got nerve to be playing a dad when you're not even a dad in real life to your newest baby. He's got a child he's never met!"
Wilson does have two other children whom he is actively involved with, including 8-year-old Robert Ford Wilson and 5-year-old Finn Lindqvist Wilson.

Williams is particularly passionate about this issue due to some personal issues she's experienced in the past year. She filed for divorce from her husband of over two decades, Kevin Hunter, after he was unfaithful to her. He ultimately had a baby girl with his mistress, Sharina Hudson.

Williams has one son with Hunter, 19-year-old Kevin Hunter Jr. The teenager has stood by his mother's side throughout the divorce proceedings, something she publicly thanked him for after she recently received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

As for Vongsvirates, Williams had some advice for how she should move forward. She said that instead of badmouthing Wilson in the press, Vongsvirates should just take the actor's money and focus on raising her daughter. She went on to point out that many girls grow up without a father figure in their lives and still manage to turn out okay.

"Well, here's what I would suggest that she does — stay pretty, go on with your life and take his money. Also, if I were her, I wouldn't even want him in my life or the child's life. The child will never remember," she said. "And, for the little girl, there's lots of women that grow up with no father and they turn out fine."