Chelsea Houska’s Bombshell Baby News: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Reveals How Many More Kids She Wants To Have

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Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska recently went on the Don’t Tell Mom podcast, available via YouTube, and she spoke about different aspects of her life, including speculation about one day leaving the show and her ex, Adam Lind. The mom of three also revealed how many more kids she and husband Cole DeBoer plan on having in the future.

Chelsea is mom to 10-year-old Aubree, who she gave birth to during her Season 2 episode of 16 and Pregnant. Chelsea married her now-husband in 2016 and together they have two children. They welcomed their son, Watson, in January 2017 and their daughter Layne in August 2018. In fact, Layne and Chelsea actually share the same birthday. While the mom of three has always been open about wanting to have more kids, on the podcast she revealed that she wants to have one more following the birth of her youngest daughter.

“So babies, we definitely want one more,” she said.

While she answered the question, her husband Cole was beside her. She then talked about each of her three kids and explained their personalities a little more.

“Aubree is older so she’s easier now…she was a good baby. Watson’s a tiny Cole, really sweet and sensitive and the easiest baby ever,” Chelsea said looking over at her husband who chuckled.

“Then Layne came and she’s the wildest, feisty tiny little thing,” Chelsea said with Cole nodding in the background.

“Before we were like ‘Let’s do two more’ but now we’re like ‘Maybe one,'” she added.

Chelsea didn’t mention a timeline for when she and Cole may want to have more children, though. Currently, her son is 2-years-old and will turn 3 early next year, while her youngest daughter recently turned 1-year-old.

After giving birth to her third child last year, Chelsea was open about experiencing postpartum anxiety. She posted a photo of herself on a date with Cole. When fans asked why the two do not go out without the kids more, Chelsea opened up about her anxiety.

“After giving birth, I personally go through a period of what I would say is pretty severe postpartum anxiety, (It was by far the worst after having Watson.) … For me, leaving them to go out just causes a lot of stress and anxiety.”

Whenever Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer decide to have more kids, fans will no doubt be excited for the couple who have become fan favorites on Teen Mom 2.