Halle Berry Showcases Incredible Figure Working Out On Gym Machine In Throwback Photo

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Award-winning actress Halle Berry showed off her incredible figure on Instagram on Thursday, sharing a throwback photo where she was working out in the gym.

The update was a grainy black-and-white photo that showed Halle sitting on a pec deck machine in a gym surrounded by other workout machines. She wore a white sports bra with a pair of Joe Boxer shorts that featured an undecipherable print design.

The actress looked to be in the middle of a serious workout session with her legs spread slightly and her arms bent at a 90-degree angle on the machine’s arm pads. She sat with her spine pressed firmly against the back pad on the machine.

The photo highlighted Halle’s fabulous figure, including her tight abs, toned arms, and shapely shoulders. Her muscular legs were also on display as she sat on the bench.

She appeared to be wearing eyeshadow and a bit of blush on her cheeks. However, because of the nature of the photo, it was impossible to tell if she wore any makeup. Halle wore her hair in a short cut, and she looked ahead with an intense focus.

The actress did not say when the photo was taken, but it could have been taken any time she had shorter hair. In the post’s caption, she referenced the Salt-N-Pepa song “Push It.”

Halle’s 5.7 million followers raved over how good she looked in the photo.

“Look how far you’ve come! You have so much more lean muscle now and representin your age amazingly!” one follower wrote.

“And this is why she looks so good now,” a second fan chimed in.

Some of the beauty’s fans pointed out that it seemed as though she has not aged much over the past couple of decades.

“Beautiful and have not changed a bit,” commented third admirer.

“That picture looks like it was taken yesterday,” wrote a fourth follower.

The photo does reflect Halle’s commitment to her overall fitness. She is passionate about keeping her body in tip-top shape, and she likes to share what she has learned over the years with her fans via Instagram. Every Friday, she offers tips and advice, as well as inspirational messages with her followers. She also likes to show off her fit physique while doing so. She recently flaunted her ripped abs in a photo that looked like it was taken right after a workout, as she was drenched in sweat.