Game Show Host Chuck Woolery Says Supporting Donald Trump Has ‘Destroyed My Career’

Chuck Woolery is one of the most vocal supporters of Donald Trump in the entertainment world, but the longtime television game show host said his political stances have nearly cost him his career.

Woolery appeared on Fox & Friends this week to discuss his support of Trump, saying that it has burned bridges for him in Hollywood. As Fox News noted, Woolery said previously in a tweet that he has “pretty much destroyed my career” by openly supporting the president and being open about his conservative beliefs. He also acknowledges that it is his own choice to voice his views and that he can live with the consequences.

In his Fox & Friends appearance, Woolery said that it was something of a self-deprecating tweet because he has been “shadow-banned” by Twitter, but it ended up getting viral attention anyway.

“I know the half of them don’t get what I say. So I sent this thing out just as kind of a test — because it made me look [like] I was losing in life,” Woolery said, adding that the tweet “went crazy” and ended up being the most popular tweet he has ever sent.

Woolery said his support of Trump has affected all aspects of his career, including the companies he represents in commercials, which Woolery said have been “bombarded” since his statements of support for Trump.

But the game show host said despite the pushback, he believes it is just a small but vocal minority opposing him.

“These people sit in their basement, and they make it look like there are thousands of people complaining about Chuck Woolery or about the products and who he represents — and ‘how could you let this fascist, racist guy represent your company’ — when none of it is true,” he said.

Woolery went on to say that the same people criticizing him on Twitter also tell him that they loved watching him on television growing up, questioning what happened to him now.

As The Inquisitr noted, Woolery has become a popular target on social media for Trump’s critics, with many of them jumping on a tweet from Woolery this summer mistakenly saying the president was “NOT QUILTY” in the Russia investigation.

But Woolery’s support of Trump also appears to have opened some new doors for his career, as he has frequently appeared on Fox News to share his opinions on Trump’s presidency. He also shares his reactions to celebrities on the left who have been vocal in their opposition to the president.