Jodi Arias Bizarre Interrogation Video Released [Video]

Jodi Arias’ bizarre interrogation room behavior was caught on video, which has been released to the public. In the video Arias can be seen laughing and doing a headstand moments before police charged her in the murder of her boyfriend.

Arias initially denied charges that she killed her boyfriend, in 2008, in a planned attack. Travis Alexander was brutally murdered, suffering a gunshot to the head and 27 stab wounds. Arias argued for nearly two years that her boyfriend was attacked by intruders.

In 2011 Jodi finally admitted that she was responsible for Travis’ death, but claimed that she acted in self-defense. As reported by CBS, she was charged with first-degree murder and prosecutors plan to pursue the death penalty.

The 32 year-old spent almost six weeks testifying in her defense. She has displayed a wide range of emotions throughout the entire saga. Perhaps the earliest indication of her conflicting moods can be seen in Arias‘ bizarre interrogation video.

As reported by Fox News, Arias broke down crying as police questioned her, for nearly four hours, about the death of Travis Alexander. Moments later, as police left the room, Arias’ demeanor changed dramatically.

As can be seen in the video, Arias speaks out loud, laughing and questioning her decision to leave the house without make-up. She then begins to sing lines from a song. She eventually leaves her seat to perform a headstand against the interrogation room wall. As the video ends Arias returns to her seat and can be seen sifting through a trash can.

Arias‘ murder trial has ended for this week and will resume on Monday. She and her defense contend that she killed Travis in self-defense. Arias continues to insist that she cannot remember specific details of the evening Travis was killed. In testimony that was incredibly graphic at times, Arias accused Travis of abusing her emotionally, physically, and sexually. She has stated that his abuse nearly drove her to commit suicide.

Prosecutors have criticized Arias’ claims, pointing out her changing story and memory loss about the evening Travis was killed. Portions of Arias’ bizarre interrogation video have been shown during the trial as evidence.