NBA Rumors: Here Are The Teams That Should Consider Signing Carmelo Anthony ‘Right Now,’ Per ‘Complex’

Despite the plethora of big-name players expected to miss significant time — if not the entire 2019-20 season — due to injuries, it’s been more than one year and counting since Carmelo Anthony last played in the NBA. Given that the 35-year-old, 10-time All-Star recently admitted that he’s surprised nobody has signed him yet, a new report looked at five organizations that could possibly sign Anthony and give him another chance to contribute for an NBA team before he wraps up his storied career.

On Tuesday, Complex‘s Zach Frydenlund enumerated the five teams that should possibly sign Anthony as a free agent “right now,” starting with the former NBA scoring champion’s hometown team, the New York Knicks. Frydenlund explained that the Knicks’ season is currently in chaos due to their losing record and the rumors that head coach David Fizdale could be on his way out, thus making it a good idea to bring “Melo” back to the team he starred for earlier this decade and give it some “excitement.”

Moving on to the Western Conference, Frydenlund suggested the Portland Trail Blazers and Golden State Warriors, two usually powerful teams that could use some additional scoring as they continue to struggle. The Warriors, as noted, may specifically be headed for a tanking season due to their 2-9 record and the fact that Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are both recovering from serious injuries.

“Let Melo come in and pour in some jumpers in that brand new arena while you continue to tank. This would, at the very least, be entertaining,” the Complex writer suggested, describing how Anthony could help out if he joins the Warriors.

For the final two teams in his list, Frydenlund recommended a pair of teams that are currently doing well in the Eastern Conference — the Milwaukee Bucks and Miami Heat, which both have a 7-3 record as of this writing. The Bucks are likely to play without star forward/guard Khris Middleton for the next month or so due to a leg injury, while the Heat’s offense, as pointed out, could “still use some work” despite their strong start and the presence of free-agent acquisition Jimmy Butler.

While Anthony doesn’t appear to be on the radar of any NBA team at the moment, there are others who believe he could still make an impact in the league. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Basketball Hall of Famer Charles Barkley said in a recent interview that he was “surprised” no one has signed Anthony this season, even if he admitted that he couldn’t think of a reason why teams would pass on him.