Gwen Stefani Puckers Her Lips For Jennifer Aniston In Instagram Snapshot, And The Actress Returns The Love

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Aniston had a friendly run-in at the People’s Choice Awards on Sunday night, and Gwen shared photographic evidence of their encounter on Instagram. Gwen puckered her lips for her picture with the smiling Friends actress, and the No Doubt frontwoman used the caption of her post to let the world know just how proud she is to know Jennifer. This earned Gwen a coveted shout-out from the TV icon.

In Gwen Stefani’s social media snapshot, she and Jennifer Aniston are wearing the glamorous gowns that they picked out for the star-studded People’s Choice Awards ceremony. Because the event covers multiple genres of entertainment, from music to TV to movies, it’s one of the rare occasions where celebrities who don’t usually run in the same circles get to mingle and pose for pictures that make their Instagram followers lose their minds. Gwen succeeded in doing just this by puckering her lips, closing her eyes, and making it appear as though she was about to give Jennifer a kiss on the cheek.

Gwen also pointed at Jennifer for their playful picture, lifting up an arm that was clad in an elegant black evening glove. Her dark arm wear and the gigantic bow on the back of her stunning Vera Wang dress matched Jennifer’s all-black gown, which featured a structured bustier-style bodice. However, the rest of Gwen’s gown was white, save for the words “Fashion Icon” that were emblazoned on the side of her train in old English lettering.

In the caption of her post, Gwen Stefani humble-bragged about knowing Jennifer Aniston, and she sweetly added that she loves the star, “just like everyone else.” According to Fox News, the two women’s famous former husbands, Gavin Rossdale and Brad Pitt, are friends, so this is how the “Just a Girl” singer and the Just Go With It actress first became acquainted over a decade and a half ago.

Now that Jennifer Aniston has joined Instagram, Gwen Stefani was able to mention the actress in her post’s caption, bringing the photo to Aniston’s attention. She soon responded to Stefani by letting the “Hollaback Girl” singer know that the love is mutual.

“Awww beauty I love YOU!,” Aniston wrote in response, adding a heart and raised hands emoji to her reply.

So far, Aniston’s comment has received over 1,000 likes, while Stefani’s Instagram followers have let her know just how much they love her picture by pressing the like button over 240,000 times. They’ve also had plenty to say about the photogenic famous friends.

“Two of my favorite people!!!! beautiful ladies,” wrote one fan.

“This the best thing I’ve seen in a while,” another remarked.

“My two girl crushes in one photo!” a third admirer wrote.

“You BOTH are AGELESS,” read a fourth comment.

It might be hard for some to believe, but Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Aniston both celebrated their 50th birthdays this year. However, their age and their decades of success in the entertainment industry aren’t all they have in common; they both took home trophies at the People’s Choice Awards. Gwen received the Fashion Icon award, and Jennifer Aniston was named this year’s People’s Icon. She had her award in hand when she and Gwen posed for their instantly iconic Instagram photo.