‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Anna Walks In On Finn & Hayden As She Returns To Port Charles At Last

Finola Hughes stars as Anna Devane on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

Anna Devane is finally set to return to Port Charles, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that this may not be an entirely smooth homecoming for her. Viewers have been waiting for actress Finola Hughes’ scenes to begin to air after an extended vacation and a new sneak peek reveals that it is finally time for Anna and Finn to reunite.

General Hospital spoilers from the Instagram preview clip suggest that Anna will decide to try to surprise Finn with her return. They have been in touch during her absence, but recent episodes have revealed that this once happy engagement has become strained. Not only that, but Finn’s ex-fiancée Hayden Barnes is back in town and he just learned that he has a daughter with her he hadn’t known about previously.

Anna will swoop into his home to surprise her fiancé, but General Hospital spoilers share that he will not be alone at this particular moment. Finn will have Hayden there, sitting next to him, and they will both look quite stunned when Anna walks in unannounced.

SheKnows Soaps details that late in the week, Finn will have a chat with Elizabeth and acknowledge that he has a lot to try to figure out with Anna. Next week, Chase will be criticizing his brother and General Hospital spoilers note that Robert will have a few choice words to say about all of this as well.

Obviously, Finn and Anna will surely find that they have major obstacles to navigate thanks to Hayden and Violet’s presence in Port Charles. However, Anna will have other challenges to handle as soon as she returns, too.

Previous General Hospital spoilers for the November sweeps period have teased that her return will impact multiple characters in big ways. It seems that Anna could save lives that hang in the balance, but it isn’t known yet exactly who else is connected to these teasers.


One person impacted may well be Alexis, as General Hospital spoilers signal that her health will get even worse this week. What initially seemed to be the flu is clearly something much more serious, but Finn is at a loss for pinning down what is at the center of this illness.

Viewers know that Alexis is being poisoned by Kendra, but so far the sneaky personal trainer has managed to avoid raising suspicion. General Hospital spoilers indicate that it’ll take a full team that may include folks like Anna and even TJ to figure this complex medical crisis out.

This week brings chaos with the Nikolas and Cassandra situation and things will be intense with Brad, Julian, and Obrecht as well. General Hospital spoilers hint that there are plenty of crazy developments on the way and fans will not want to miss any of the action.