Robert De Niro On President Trump’s Impeachment: ‘He Has Done Something Wrong, He Has To Pay’

Legendary Hollywood actor Robert De Niro has never been shy about his disdain for President Donald Trump and his administration’s policies, but in a recent interview, he insisted that impeaching the president is the right course of action, demanding that Trump must be “held accountable.”

According to The Hill, De Niro held nothing back while talking to MSNBC’s Joy Reid on Saturday morning.

“If we don’t go through this impeachment inquiry, we’re letting him get away with something,” De Niro said.

“He has done something wrong, he has to pay for that. He has to be held accountable.”

De Niro also turned the tables on Trump’s constant accusation that various media outlets and politicians are “fake.”

“He calls everything else fake because he knows he’s fake,” De Niro said.

The famed actor insisted that Trump was bad for America’s relationship abroad and that the country needs a president such as South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg or former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to properly lead the country on the world stage come November 2020.

“He’s young, but he’s got all of the qualifications,” De Niro said of Buttigieg, who has seen a recent surge in the polls. De Niro said Bloomberg was qualified for the Oval Office due to his history of running New York City for three terms but admitted that the former mayor “hasn’t done everything perfectly.”

Both Buttigieg and Bloomberg are known for their moderate version of Democratic politics, perhaps providing some level of insight as to where De Niro sits on the political ideology scale. According to the Real Clear Politics rolling average, Buttigieg currently sits in fourth place with seven percent of support, behind Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Bloomberg sent waves through Washington D.C. on Friday after he met the deadline to file paperwork to be included in the Alabama Democratic primary for 2020, a step just short of potentially declaring his intentions to make a run for the White House.

Robert De Niro attends "The Irishman" International Premiere and Closing Gala.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, De Niro, the two-time Academy Award winner who stars in the upcoming movie The Irishmen, made headlines in September after he was asked by CNN’s Brian Stelter how he felt about various Fox News commentators attacking him for his anti-Trump views.

De Niro’s repeated response of “F*** ’em!” drew gasps from the CNN studio and likely from viewers at home, as his profane response went out over the air uncensored. He quickly looked off camera after the outburst and said he was sorry.